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UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CPSC 221Basic Algorithms and Data Structures4.
BIOL 121Genetics, Evolution and Ecology4.
CPSC 210Software Construction4.23.74.157
CPSC 213Introduction to Computer Systems3.
CHEM 120Structure and Bonding in Chemistry (Lecture)4.53.554.86
PHYS 157Introductory Physics for Engineers I4.33.654.45
ATSC 113Applied Meteorology3.342.82.45
APSC 160Introduction to Computation in Engineering Design4.
PHIL 211Greek Philosophy I: Socrates and Plato4.23.5544
CPSC 103Introduction to Systematic Program Design44444
ANTH 378Anthropology of Media4.22.854.34
KIN 420Prevention of Sports Injuries55553
ECON 102Principles of Macroeconomics4.3454.33
PCTH 201Drugs and Society4.53.754.73
SOCI 310Canadian Society4.43.34.343
GEOB 102Our Changing Environment: Climate and Ecosystems3.83443
BIOL 112Biology of the Cell4.244.743
KIN 110Human Anatomy3.
MATH 221Matrix Algebra43.73.353
CPEN 211Introduction to Microcomputers3.934.34.33
MATH 180Differential Calculus with Physical Applications3.
BIOL 140Laboratory Investigations in Life Science3.
FRST 303Principles of Forest Science554.532
KIN 300Human Athletic Performance55552
CHEM 203Introduction to Organic Chemistry4.544.542
PSYC 102Introduction to Developmental, Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology3.42.54.542
PHIL 240Introduction to Epistemology4.33.554.52
APBI 200Introduction to Soil Science4.23.5542
PHYS 474Applied Solid State Physics4.52552
LFS 150Scholarly Writing and Argumentation in Land and Food Systems4.54342
BIOL 370Principles of Muscle Physiology and Energetics44442
SPPH 504Application of Epidemiological Methods4.52552
SOCI 101Social Interaction and Culture424.54.52
ASIA 319Contemporary Chinese Popular Cultures3.
PSYC 101Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology3.934.542
APBI 244Atmospheric Environments3.9443.52
CPSC 310Introduction to Software Engineering3.843.542
COMM 354Cost Accounting3.42.53.532
MICB 201Introductory Environmental Microbiology3.73442
COMM 120Business Immersion3.73.543.52
ECON 323Quantitative Economic Modelling with Data Science Applications55551
CRWR 201Introduction to Writing Poetry55551
KIN 442Planning Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Programs55551
MATH 532Algebraic Geometry I55551
MATH 217Multivariable and Vector Calculus55551
PHYS 108Enriched Physics II55551
PSYC 308ASocial Psychology - SOCIAL PSYC4.75541
POLI 375AGlobal Environmental Politics - GLOB ENV POLI4.74551
EOSC 110The Solid Earth: A Dynamic Planet4.75541
BIOL 234Fundamentals of Genetics4.74551
BIOC 301Biochemistry Laboratory4.74551
THTR 120Introduction to Theatre4.74551
CRWR 208Introduction to Writing for Graphic Forms4.75541
APBI 314Animals and Society4.75541
CRWR 209Introduction to Writing Fiction4.74551
FNIS 220Representation and Indigenous Cultural Politics4.74551
RUSS 101Basic Russian I4.33551
PHIL 385Existentialism4.33551
PHIL 416Topics in 19th-Century Philosophy4.33551
HIST 236Public History in Canada: Memory, Representation, and Interpretation4.33551
CRWR 205Introduction to Writing Creative Nonfiction4.34541
HIST 250ALatin American History - LATN AMERCN HIST4.35441
CHEM 460Organic Synthesis: A Mechanistic Approach4.33551
HIST 365Europe During the Renaissance4.33551
ENGL 374Post-colonial Literature4.33551
EOSC 116Mesozoic Earth: Time of the Dinosaurs.4.35531
ACAM 300Dis/Orienting Asian Canada4.33551
ELEC 442Introduction to Robotics4.33551
CONS 127Observing the Earth from Space4.34451
HIST 363Europe in the Early Middle Ages4.33551
COMM 290Introduction to Quantitative Decision Making4.35441
LASO 204Introduction to Law and Society4.35531
GEOG 310Environment and Sustainability4.33551
SOCI 410CSelected Topics in Canadian Society - COVID & SOCIETY4.35531
BIOC 304Contemporary Biochemical Research4.33551
GEOB 402Air Pollution Meteorology4.33551
FRST 231Introduction to Biometrics4.35351
ECON 351Women in the Economy44531
FREN 101Begin' French I45341
KIN 150Sport and Exercise Psychology44441
BIOL 230Fundamentals of Ecology43541
PATH 375Introduction to Human Pathology43451
COEC 293Financial Accounting44441
PSYC 207Contemporary Topics in Biological and Cognitive Psychology44531
FIST 100Introduction to Film Studies43451
FRST 232Computer Applications in Forestry44351
ELEC 507Mixed-Signal and RF Integrated Circuits and Systems Test43451
LFS 100Introduction to Land, Food and Community45341
EOSC 220Introductory Mineralogy43451
BIOL 404Ecological Methodology44351
HIST 235History of Canada: Moments that Matter43541
CPSC 330Applied Machine Learning45341
PHIL 100Introduction to Philosophy43541
DES 220Architecture and Urbanism in Context: Vancouver and its Region43541
CRWR 351AIntermediate Poetry Workshop - INTRMD POETRY42551
CAPS 301Human Physiology43541
APBI 444Agroforestry3.75331
APBI 428Integrated Pest Management3.75331
FRE 306Introduction to Global Food Markets3.73441
MATH 361Introduction to Mathematical Biology3.74431