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PHIL 240

Introduction to Epistemology

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4.3Good Class
3Avg. Difficulty
5Very Interesting
5Very Useful

Prof: Jonathan Ichikawa / Winter 2021

Mar 15, 2021

Comments on the course

This was a really solid class. Dr. Ichikawa does a great job teaching the material and making things clear in in-class lectures. He's helpful and available outside of class as well. As for the content of 240, it's really quite good stuff for an introductory phil course. You learn about various epistemological arguments and issues like scepticism, reliability, probability, etc. These are all very important, foundational things. Lectures were recommended to be synchronous, but not required (recordings were up for alternate time zones). There were weekly assignments tied to readings (done on Perusall, and a nice way to get extra marks for doing the reading with annotations), then Levels assignments (which test different levels of philosophical writing skill), and a final exam.


Do the weekly readings on Perusall and engage with them. The material is interesting and often not too long--you just need to make sure you do them so that you know what's going on in the lectures. Watch the lectures and you'll be good to go--I found notes were a bit more optional in this class since it was more readings than it was power point slides.

Grade: Not sure yetAttendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: Yes

Class Ratings

4.3Good Class
5Very Interesting

Prof: Ichikawa / Fall 2018

Dec 27, 2020

Comments on the course

the lectures aren't mandatory, but definitely go. The readings can be hard to follow, but Jonathan does an awesome job breaking down the material in an interesting and understandable way. I found the lectures really interesting actually, but rarely did the reading. I just studied lecture notes before exams and did well. Attending tutorials is also free grades. If you plan on taking higher level phil courses, you will revisit material learned in this class for sure.


participate in tutorials. They can be interesting if people are engaged, but they are dreadfully boring if no one wants to contribute and the TA is doing all the work.

Grade: A-Attendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: Optional

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