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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COP 3223CIntroduction to Programming with C 3.833.54.110
COP 3502CComputer Science I 424.74.67
CHM 2046Chemistry Fundamentals II
MAC 2311CCalculus with Analytic Geometry I
DIG 2109Digital Imaging Fundamentals 4.44.3444
ENC 3241Writing for the Technical Professional 3.743.53.54
MCB 3020CGeneral Microbiology
IDH 1920HHonors Freshman Symposium 3.352.52.34
DIG 3024Digital Cultures & Narrative 3.753.73.73
PSY 2012General Psychology
BSC 2011CBiology II
COT 4210Discrete Structures II 3.73.343.73
ANT 2000General Anthropology
MUL 2010Enjoyment of Music 3.6541.73
STA 2023Statistical Methods I
CHM 2041Chemistry Fundamentals IB 3.23.7333
EGN 3365Structure and Properties of Materials 3.43433
AMH 2010U.S. History: 1492-1877 3.23.7333
COM 1000Introduction to Communication
ECO 2013Principles of Macroeconomics 3.53.5342
CHM 3120Analytical Chemistry 4.54.5552
STA 4173Biostatistical Methods
ACG 2021Principles of Financial Accounting 55552
HSC 3537Medical Terminology 4.954.552
STA 4163Statistical Methods II 4.94.5552
ZOO 4513Animal Behavior 4.744.54.52
FIL 3803CFilm Theory and Criticism I
CHM 3120LAnalytical Chemistry Laboratory
CHS 3501Introduction to Forensic Science 43542
DIG 2030Digital Video Fundamentals 3.83.5442
ZOO 3733CHonors Human Anatomy 3.824.552
PCB 4683Evolutionary Biology 3.93432
PCB 3063Genetics
COP 3330Object Oriented Programming 3.53.5252
CIS 3360Security in Computing 3.54.5332
ECO 4412Econometrics I 3.42352
FIN 3403Business Finance 3.23.523.52
AMH 2020U.S. History: 1877-Present 3.23.5422
PHI 2010HHonors Introduction to Philosophy 3.233.532
FIL 1000Cinema Survey 3.252.522
HIS 4323History of the Future 55551
POS 2041American National Government 55551
CIS 4004Web-Based Information Technology 55551
THE 2000Theatre Survey 55551
COP 3223HHonors Introduction to Programming with C 55551
HSC 2000Introduction to Careers in Health Professions 55551
FIL 2424Introduction to Film Production 55551
INR 4084Politics of International Terrorism 4.75541
ANT 3177Archaeology of Caribbean Piracy 4.75541
ASH 4442Modern Japan 4.75541
PEM 2121CYoga 4.75451
ASL 2140Introduction to American Sign Language 4.74551
SLS 1501Strategies for Success in College 4.75541
BSC 3312Principles of Marine Biology 4.75541
EUH 4465Hitler�s Third Reich 4.74551
EML 3262Kinematics of Mechanisms 4.74551
FIL 2552Editing I 4.74551
MCB 4312Molecular Biotechnology 4.33551
STA 4241Statistical Learning 4.33551
HSA 3111U.S. Health Care Systems 4.35531
MCB 4720Industrial Perspectives Seminar 4.35441
ZOO 3744Neurobiology 4.34541
COP 2930AIntro to Computer Programming in Python 4.33551
MAC 1140CPre-Calculus Algebra 4.35351
EGN 3321HHonors Engineering Analysis � Dynamics 4.33551
HSA 4191Fundamentals of Health Information Technology 4.34451
PCB 3044Principles of Ecology 45431
EGN 3343Thermodynamics 42551
EML 4142Heat Transfer 43451
EEL 4436CMicrowave Engineering 42551
EEE 4309CElectronics II 43451
PCB 4301CWetland Ecology & Biogeochemistry 42551
MAP 4171Optimization 43541
EVR 1001Introduction to Environmental Science 45431
ECO 3101Intermediate Microeconomics 43451
SPC 1603HHonors Fundamentals of Technical Presentation 44441
HSC 4558Pathophysiology II 42551
EGN 3613Engineering Economic Analysis 44441
RTV 3531Principles of Videography 44351
BSC 3403CHonors Quantitative Biological Methods 43451
CAP 4453Robot Vision 44441
DIG 3716CClient-Side Scripting 43451
EEE 4650Introduction to Sensors 3.73531
CGS 2100CComputer Fundamentals for Business 3.75241
ECP 4530Health Economics 3.74521
DIG 2783Fundamentals of Game Art 3.75331
INR 4030Diplomacy 3.75331
EML 4600HVAC Systems Engineering 3.74341
ECO 3410Mathematical Economics 3.71551
ECO 4400Game Theory and Economics 3.72541
ESI 4313Stochastic Methods for Operations Research 3.72541
CGN 3405Applied Numerical Methods for Civil Engineering 3.35231
TAX 4001Taxation of Business Entities and Transactions 3.31451
ECP 4403Industrial Organization 3.32351
DIG 3043Evolution of Video Games 3.35321
ASH 4383Imperialism & Decolonization in South Asia 3.32441
PLA 4806Domestic Relations Law 3.33431
CES 4100CStructural Analysis I and Lab 3.31451
TAX 4022Individual Federal Income Tax 3.31451
MAC 2312Calculus with Analytic Geometry II 3.32351