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COP 3330

Object Oriented Programming

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3.7Good Class
5Very Useful

Prof: Hollander / Spring 2020

Dec 23, 2020

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Dr. Hollander is one of the worst professors at UCF. The reason I say that is because he does not really teach. He runs his lectures like SI sessions. He tells you to read the book and learn on your own, and then lectures are basically “what questions do you have?” To give him a little credit, he does make you learn git, which is incredibly helpful. You do (sort of) learn to look things up and find what you need with his class, which I guess is helpful for when you’re at a job. But, a professors job is to teach, and he does not do that. If you can find a way to take it with a different professor, I would suggest doing that. Actually learning object oriented programming is VERY helpful. It makes programming much easier to visualize and create. Also, the first half of the class is like more


Hollander is not a terrible choice, but take this class with a different professor if you can.

Grade: AAttendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: Yes

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3.3OK Class
3Avg. Difficulty
5Very Useful

Prof: Hatim Boustique / Summer 2020

Dec 20, 2020

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Professor Boustique is an awesome professor when you get in person atmosphere (even zoom is close), he opens up his life to use as office hours, he gives you his telephone number, he zooms with you to help your understanding, he does whatever it takes. I took him before, but now I had the option for F to F.


Know your programming

Grade: BAttendance: Non-MandatoryTextbook Use: Yes

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