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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOLOGY 1M03Biodiversity, Evolution and Humanity1.
MUSIC 2MT3Introduction to the Practice of Music Therapy4.
PHYSICS 1A03Introductory Physics3.
BIOLOGY 1A03Cellular and Molecular Biology42.744.47
HLTHAGE 1CC3Introduction to Mental Health and Illness3.
ANTHROP 1AA3Introduction to Anthropology: Sex, Food and Death2.82.732.26
CLASSICS 2MT3Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology3.
PSYCH 1X03Introduction to Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour4.
BIOLOGY 2C03Genetics2.62.43.235
MATH 1LS3Calculus for the Life Sciences I43.63.43.45
MATH 3GR3Abstract Algebra3.32.332.84
CHEM 2OA3Organic Chemistry I3.31.8334
ENVSOCTY 2RC3Regional Geography of Canada443.82.84
PSYCH 1F03Survey of Psychology4.54.5544
BIOLOGY 2B03Cell Biology3.32.34.353
ANTHROP 2WA3Neanderthals to Pyramids: Introduction to World Archaeology12.3113
ENVIRSC 1C03Climate, Water And Environment452.72.33
MECHENG 3O04Fluid Mechanics3.
PSYCH 1XX3Foundations of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour53.34.743
CHEM 1AA3Introductory Chemistry II3.333.343
COMMERCE 2BC3Human Resource Management and Labour Relations4.34.333.73
MATH 2FM3Introduction To Mathematical Finance444.542
MATH 1AA3Calculus For Science II2.523.53.52
LIFESCI 2G03Genes, Genomes and Society4.53.5432
KINESIOL 1A03Human Anatomy and Physiology I4.234.552
KINESIOL 1F03Human Nutrition and Health4.94552
SCIENCE 1A03Investigating Science: Opportunities & Experiences4.5533.52
SOCIOL 2DD3Immigration and the Canadian Mosaic1.532.52.52
ASTRON 2B03The Big Questions4.
COMMERCE 2FA3Introduction to Finance3.523.552
SOCSCI 1T03Life, the University, and Everything554.54.52
LINGUIST 1A03Introduction to Linguistics: Sounds, Speech and Hearing4.544.53.52
STATS 2B03Statistical Methods for Science4.54.534.52
SOCWORK 1BB3Re-Imagining Help: Introduction to Social Work II53.5552
POLSCI 2O06 A/BPolitical Theory1.51.5112
COMMERCE 3FC3International Finance2.522.52.52
SFWRENG 3DB3Databases52.5552
PHYSICS 1E03Waves, Electricity and Magnetic Fields3.51.5442
SOCIOL 1Z03An Introduction to Sociology33.542.52
LIFESCI 3J03Human Biomechanics434.542
HTHSCI 1H06 A/BHuman Anatomy and Physiology I3134.52
INNOVATE 1X03The World of Entrepreneurship2.5321.52
INDIGST 1AA3Introduction to Contemporary Indigenous Studies553.53.52
IBH 2AF3Global Business Experience1.552.512
SOCPSY 1Z03An Introduction to Social Psychology53.54.542
COMMERCE 2DA3Decision Making with Analytics43.543.52
COMMERCE 3MC3Applied Marketing Management423.53.52
ELECENG 2CJ4Circuits and Systems2.523.542
CHEM 2OB3Organic Chemistry II33332
POLSCI 1AA3Government, Politics, and Power54.54.54.52
ASTRON 1F03Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics33.52.522
COMMERCE 3KD3Database Design Management and Applications3.5334.52
COMMERCE 3FD3Financial Modelling32452
COMMERCE 3FK3Intermediate Corporate Finance4.5343.52
COMMERCE 1MA3Introduction to Marketing43.54.54.52
SOCSCI 1SS3Inquiry in the Social Sciences44.53.542
CHEM 2A03Quantitative Chemical Analysis3233.52
SFWRENG 4HC3Human Computer Interfaces35332
ECON 1BB3Introductory Macroeconomics43.554.52
CHEM 1A03Introductory Chemistry I3.533.53.52
MUSIC 2F03Music for Film and Television55521
MEDRADSC 1E03Inquiry in Medical Radiation Sciences35221
PNB 2XT0PNB Tutorial45431
MECHTRON 4AA4Real-Time Systems and Control Applications34231
POLSCI 1AB3Politics and Power in a Globalizing World43341
MATH 1A03Calculus For Science I43341
LIFESCI 3LL3Living Systems Laboratory Practicum54441
LIFESCI 2N03Human Nutrition for Life Sciences43451
JAPANESE 1Z06 A/B SBeginner’s Intensive Japanese53541
INDIGST 1A03Introduction to Indigenous Studies55321
HTHSCI 3FC3Science of Fictional Characters53551
HTHSCI 2S03Introduction to Statistics for Nursing11111
HLTHAGE 2BB3Perspectives in Health, Aging and Society13111
ENVSOCTY 2OC3Regional Geography of Canada55331
FRENCH 1Z06 A/BBeginner’s Intensive French I44351
ENVSOCTY 1HB3Population, Cities and Development43331
LIFESCI 2AA3Introduction to Topics in Life Sciences35231
HLTHAGE 1AA3Introduction to Health and Society44541
ECON 2Z03Intermediate Microeconomics I55331
ANTHROP 2F03Listening across Difference: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology33331
COMMERCE 4AA3Managerial Accounting II43451
COMPENG 2DI4Logic Design54541
COMMERCE 2KA3Information Systems in Business54321
BIOLOGY 2EE3Introduction to Microbiology and Biotechnology24231
BIOLOGY 2A03Integrative Physiology of Animals53551
COMPENG 2SH4Principles of Programming45451
ANTHROP 2AN3The Anthropology of Food and Nutrition13111
ANTHROP 3G03Comparative Mythology21311
SUSTAIN 1S03Introduction to Sustainability55321
SOCIOL 2GG3Sociology of Education44421
SOCWORK 1AA3So You Think You Can Help? Introduction to Social Work I43551
SFWRENG 2MD3Data Structures, Algorithms, and Language Concepts for Mechatronics14111
SOCWORK 3T03Poverty and Homelessness54551
BIOLOGY 3ZZ3Topics in Physiology13211
POLSCI 3RF3The Charter of Rights and Freedoms42541
SOCPSY 2YY3Theories in Social Psychology34331
ECON 2HH3Intermediate Macroeconomics II33431
SOCPSY 2K03Research Methods in Social Psychology34341
POLSCI 2NN3Politics by Design32441
POLSCI 2H03Globalization and the State32221