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Environment & Society: Challenges and Solutions

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Prof: Luc Bernier / Fall 2023

Mar 18, 2024

Comments on the course

I would not recommend this course if you are looking for something fun and engaging. The content is easy to grasp, but there are also many assignment due dates to keep track of throughout the term.

Course Content

The content is incredibly straightforward... as in it doesn't feel like you're learning anything new. The entire course can be summed up as "the environment is in danger because of this and that; here are some generic solutions that can be implemented to save it." The actual work can be somewhat demanding, not because it's hard but because there's a lot to do. There were weekly discussion posts to complete, bi-weekly quizzes, and multiple projects that required you to hand in drafts before the final.

Comments on the professor

I have heard many classmates say that Dr. Bernier is a but too nice. You can have a whole lecture hall full of students on day 1 but by week 2, only 10 remain in-person. He never questions it either. With the combo of lectures being streamed live and content being bland, of course students have no desire to show up. On the flip side this means that he is more than happy to chat and answer questions for those who do attend lectures.


Since this is a project and assignment heavy course, I recommend attending tutorials and lectures for the sole purpose of asking questions about your projects. With no midterm or final exam, the content is basically negligible but your marks sit in the projects. Make use of the time in-person to ask about them.

Delivery: HybridGrade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Assignment HeavyProject HeavyParticipation Heavy

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