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Introductory Chemistry II

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5Amazing Prof

Prof: Anthony Chibba / Winter 2024

Apr 22, 2024

Comments on the course

Overall I enjoyed this course much more than Chem 1A03 and found it to be easier. The concepts covered in this course include acids/bases, kinetics, organic chemistry, and chemical biology. I found that the content in this course was less all over the place compared to chem 1A03 where a lot more topics were covered/there was less overlap between the different topics (atomic theory/structure, periodic trends, chemical bonding, intro to acids and bases, entropy and gibbs free energy, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, as well as a self study unit of everything that was expected to be prior knowledge from high school). I also found the labs to be enjoyable especially the synthesis of aspirin lab in the organic chemistry unit.

Course Content

The content in this course includes acids and bases (buffers, Henderson-Hasselbach, titrations, pH indicators), kinetics (reaction orders, rate laws, enzyme kinetics, Michaelis Menten), organic chemistry (organic nomenclature, organic structure/bonding, hybridization, and organic reactivity), and chemical biology (applications of chembio in pharmaceuticals/medicine, high throughput assays and controls, aromaticity, and combinatorial chemistry). Overall, a lot of this content was useful to gain insight into upper year chemistry courses and specializations (mostly those related to chemical biology and biochemistry). There were a lot of real world applications shown throughout the course that relate to the course content, especially in the organic chemistry and chemical biology units more

Comments on the professor

Dr. Chibba is a great prof! He explains concepts clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. You can tell he is passionate about what he teaches and he is always willing to answer questions. His lectures are always interesting and he makes you want to attend class!


Keep up on all of the practice content (weekly self assessments, practice quizzes). Do as much practice as you can, all the practice content posted on avenue (practice quizzes/tests/exams) have questions taken from a question bank and have been on previous tests/exams. By doing as many practice questions as you can you will become more familiar with all the different types of questions that you may get on a test. The practice materials definitely made it easier to do better on the quizzes/midterms/exam. Many of the questions on the actual midterms and exams were similar to those on the quizzes and practice materials.

Delivery: In personGrade: A+Workload: HeavyTextbook Use: Optional
Quiz HeavyExam Heavy

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4Good Class
3Kinda Interesting

Prof: Anthony Chibba / Winter 2021

Sep 2, 2021

Comments on the course

Harder than Chem 1A03 despite having less topics. Newer concepts compared to IB chem. Labs weren’t that hard and neither were the post lab quizzes. Mastering chem was time consuming and sometimes hard. Tests and quizzes and exam were fair but hard.

Comments on the professor

Good lectures and tried to go over the hard questions from mastering


Study very hard. Do the practice questions. Go to the Wize chem sessions.

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Grade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: No

Class Ratings

3OK Class
5Very Useful

Prof: Anthony Chibba / Winter 2020

Aug 27, 2021

Comments on the course

A pretty decent class. Definitely, more of the chemistry you need to understand future biology concepts (if you take more bio courses, that is) is taught in this course than in 1A03. Midterms were both very fair, but the final exam was a bit rough. I'll also always remember writing my second midterm in MDCL on the day the school announced in-person classes were being cancelled due to the pandemic. Truly an unforgettable memory.

Comments on the professor

Really great! Does an excellent job explaining concepts and made all the in-person lectures pretty entertaining.


Practice and keep up with the work. Past midterms are your very best friend when studying for the tests in this class.

Grade: AWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: No

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