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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHM 2045General Chemistry
MAC 2313Analytic Geometry and Calculus
MAC 2311Analytic Geometry and Calculus
IDS 1161What is the Good Life3.23.92.4214
MAC 2312Analytic Geometry and Calculus
STA 2023Introduction to Statistics
COP 3502CProgramming Fundamentals
ECO 2023Principles of Microeconomics4.
ACG 2021Introduction to Financial Accounting3.
HSC 3537Health and Medical Terminology4.853.64.79
ENY 3005Principles of Entomology3.
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry
GLY 1102Age of Dinosaurs554.72.77
PCB 4522Molecular Genetics4.
CLP 3144Abnormal Psychology4.74.354.67
CLT 3370Myths of the Greeks and Romans54.94.92.77
ECO 2013Principles of Macroeconomics4.
EEL 3701CDigital Logic and Computer Systems4.
LIN 3010Introduction to Linguistics4.
FIN 3403Business Finance2.213.73.76
CHM 2046General Chemistry 23.52.733.26
EGN 2020CEngineering Design & Society4.
MAC 2233Survey of Calculus
SPC 2608Introduction to Public Speaking3.
EML 2023Computer Aided Graphics and Design43.64.64.85
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry 2313.84.65
CGS 2531Problem Solving Using Computer Software4.
PHY 2049Physics with Calculus 22.31.832.54
EGM 2511Engineering Mechanics: Statics43.54.34.54
MAS 3114Computational Linear Algebra2.83.3334
SPN 1130Beginning Spanish
PSB 3340Behavioral Neuroscience2.
BME 1008Introduction to Biomedical Engineering3.
MAC 1147Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry4.
THE 2000Theatre Appreciation443.82.34
INR 2001Introduction to International Relations3.
PHY 2048Physics with Calculus
MCB 3023Principles of Microbiology4.34.54.344
FOS 2001Man's Food4.
MCB 3020Basic Biology of Microorganisms2.833.534
EAB 3002Principles of Behavior Analysis4.33.844.34
MHF 3202Sets and Logic2.31.333.84
MUL 2010Experiencing Music44.53.51.84
CDA 3101Introduction to Computer Organization3.
EEL 4712CDigital Design4.334.84.54
MDU 4003Introduction to the Professions of Medicine4.854.34.54
CHM 2095Chemistry for Engineers
PSY 3213LLaboratory Methods in Psychology3.
EXP 3604Cognitive Psychology42.84.33.84
GIS 3043Foundations of Geographic Information Systems332.52.54
AST 1002Discovering the Universe3.533.32.84
IDS 2935Special Topics: Artistic Revelation2.8331.84
EML 3100Thermodynamics4.334.34.73
BUL 4310The Legal Environment of Business3.734.343
CCJ 3024Advanced Principles of Criminal Justice3.33.743.73
EGS 1006Introduction to Engineering554.343
SPN 1131Beginning Spanish
POT 2002Introduction to Political Theory434.33.73
ESC 1000Introduction to Earth Science2.33.322.33
MAP 2302Elementary Differential Equations43.33.743
DEP 3053Developmental Psychology4.
GLY 3163Geology American National Parks4.754.73.33
JPT 3500Japanese Culture4.33.743.73
COT 3100Applications of Discrete Structures3.73.73.733
EEX 2000Impact of Disabilities: Home, Community and Workplace4.7554.73
ECO 4400Game Theory and Applications4.72.74.743
JOU 4930Special Study in Journalism4.
ANT 3520Skeleton Keys: Forensic Identification54.34.33.73
COP 3503CProgramming Fundamentals 24.734.74.73
MCB 3023LPrinciples of Microbiology Laboratory53.7553
EVR 2001Introduction to Environmental Science43.332.73
ENC 3246Professional Communication for Engineers34.71.32.73
CHM 2211LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory433.333
APK 2100CApplied Human Anatomy with Laboratory4.724.74.73
CHM 3120Introduction to Analytical Chemistry3.
BSC 2010Integrated Principles of Biology 1333.333
CHM 1025Introduction to Chemistry231.72.33
SWS 3022Introduction to Soils in the Environment4.
ENC 1102Argument and Persuasion4.
STA 3024Introduction to Statistics
ACG 3101Financial Accounting and Reporting 1423.353
MDU 4031Medicine and the Law44.53.542
MCB 4203Bacterial Pathogens222.52.52
MAR 3023Principles of Marketing33332
SDS 3482Stress and Anxiety Management5554.52
EEL 3003Elements of Electrical Engineering44.543.52
BSC 2011LIntegrated Principles of Biology Laboratory 212.5112
MMC 3203Ethics and Problems in Mass Communications3.53.523.52
SWS 2007The World of Water4.55552
SOP 4777Psychology of Human Sexuality55552
PPE 3003Psychology of Personality4.55432
VIC 3001Sight, Sound and Motion55552
EEL 3872Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals4.54.5442
PHY 4604Introductory Quantum Mechanics 14.52.554.52
PHY 2054Physics 21.5121.52
CLP 2001Personal Growth55552
JPN 1131Beginning Japanese 252.554.52
GEO 3427Plants, Health and Spirituality44.54.52.52
GEO 2200Physical Geography3.5521.52
HUN 2201Fundamentals of Human Nutrition3.52.53.542