Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

MA 26100Multivariate Calculus3.22.32.836
ME 20000Thermodynamics I4.524.344
CS 18000Problem Solving And Object-Oriented Programming43.53.544
CE 34000Hydraulics1.
ME 27000Basic Mechanics I4.343.74.33
CNIT 18000Introduction To Systems Development24.32.32.33
ENGR 13300Transforming Ideas To Innovation, EPICS4.3532.33
CS 17700Programming With Multimedia Objects2.33.3233
ECE 33700ASIC Design Laboratory424.753
CHM 11100General Chemistry3.32.333.33
MA 16100Plane Analytic Geometry And Calculus I4444.73
CE 29700Basic Mechanics I (Statics)
EAPS 10600Geosciences In The Cinema554.72.73
PHIL 11000Introduction To Philosophy43.73.31.73
PSY 12000Elementary Psychology55442
PHYS 27200Electric And Magnetic Interactions2222.52
STAT 35000Introduction To Statistics1.531.522
MA 16010Applied Calculus I33.52.522
HIST 38700History Of The Space Age42.53.51.52
MA 26600Ordinary Differential Equations43.5342
NUTR 12500Food Safety Certification44.534.52
ENGR 13100Transforming Ideas To Innovation I3.552.532
ECE 26400Advanced C Programming3.52.544.52
ECE 30100Signals And Systems3.53432
ME 30000Thermodynamics II4.534.552
NUTR 10500Nutrition In The 21st Century35431
STAT 41600Probability43341
PHYS 24100Electricity And Optics23331
MA 16020Applied Calculus II22321
MA 26500Linear Algebra33331
ME 30900Fluid Mechanics32331
MGMT 20010Business Accounting34231
ECET 33700Analog Signal Processing52451
ECET 27900Embedded Digital Systems53541
ECE 36200Microprocessor Systems And Interfacing53551
CNIT 24200System Administration32441
HONR 19901The Evolution Of Ideas45551
CE 22200Life Cycle Engineering And Management Of Constructed Facilities34221
CE 29800Basic Mechanics II Dynamics12231
BIOL 48300Great Issues: Environmental And Conservation Biology54551
PSY 35000Abnormal Psychology55531
AGR 10100Introduction To The College Of Agriculture And Purdue University45441
PHYS 17200Modern Mechanics11321
MCMP 42200Immunology54541
AGR 29000Special Topics In Agriculture55551
PHRM 82800Dosage Forms I54451
MSE 23000Structure And Properties Of Materials54541
ECE 36800Data Structures32241
EAPS 10500The Planets55541
CS 25100Data Structures And Algorithms43551
AGR 20100Communicating Across Culture33331
BIOL 28600Introduction To Ecology And Evolution22321
MA 17000Introduction To Actuarial Science44451
CE 20300Principles And Practice Of Geomatics32441
CE 39800Introduction To Civil Engineering Systems Design34231
AGR 29400Directed Readings In Agriculture, Environment, and Society55551
MA 16500Analytic Geometry And Calculus I21231
MA 15800Precalculus- Functions And Trigonometry33231
TECH 12000Design Thinking In Technology11311
PHIL 30200History Of Medieval Philosophy55531
POL 30000Introduction To Political Analysis25321
ME 27400Basic Mechanics II33341
LC 23500East Asian Literature In Translation55551
THTR 13300Survey Of Acting55551
MA 15555Quantitative Reasoning55551
AAE 44000Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics52551
FVS 26100Technical Video Production I54551
ECE 57000Artificial Intelligence53541
ECE 36900Discrete Mathematics For Computer Engineering42441
ECE 20100Linear Circuit Analysis I11331
CS 35500Introduction To Cryptography31521
AAE 20400Aeromechanics II53541
EEE 30000Environmental And Ecological Systems Modeling12111
EDPS 31500Collaborative Leadership: Listening35131
CS 38100Introduction To The Analysis Of Algorithms41541
SOC 10000Introductory Sociology34111
THTR 20100Theatre Appreciation44531
CHM 12500Introduction To Chemistry I44551
ANSC 29400Exploring International Animal Agriculture55551
PHRM 46000Drug Discovery And Development I22141
AAE 33300Fluid Mechanics42451
IE 33200Computing In Industrial Engineering51551
CS 19100Freshman Resources Seminar34231
ABE 20500Computations For Engineering Systems53551
CNIT 24000Data Communications And Networking11111
MGMT 45500Legal Background For Business I32341
CLCS 23500Introduction To Classical Mythology55531
CLCS 38700Roman Religion22531
COM 11400Fundamentals Of Speech Communication55451
ABE 30500Physical Properties Of Biological Materials43451
CS 30700Software Engineering I54451
BIOL 11000Fundamentals Of Biology I53551
CHM 11200General Chemistry43441
AT 20200Aerospace Vehicle Systems Design, Analysis And Operations35131
AGEC 50600Agricultural Marketing And Price Analysis00000
AAS 39200Caribbean History And Culture00000
AGEC 52500Environmental Policy Analysis00000
AGEC 52800Global Change And The Challenge Of Sustainably Feeding A Growing Planet00000
AAE 53700Hypersonic Propulsion00000
AAS 57400Research Methods In African American Studies00000