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STAT 35000

Introduction To Statistics

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1Awful Class
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2Barely Useful

Prof: Yan Xing / Fall 2021

Nov 10, 2021

Comments on the course

The course isn't a particularly difficult course, that is if the course coordinator had any idea what they're doing. Professors are routinely asked to remove review days to pack in more content before a midterm. All of the largest homework assignments and computer projects are always due the night before midterms, which is just poor coordination and only aids in stressing students out more. My professor's lectures were scattered at times and never any more useful than the $35 online textbook we use throughout the year. The textbook is great and explains things well, it fills in the gaps for the professors.

Course Content

Not sure I'll apply any of this unless I was studying data science or any other statistical field. Just a bunch of copying and pasting code.

Comments on the professor

My professor was kind of hard to follow in lectures and seemed scattered at times. I would give them the benefit of the doubt as they're a new professor because they were extremely helpful with specific questions.


I wish I knew the reputation this course has, every student I have ever asked about this course has said "oh that sucked" or something similar. It's just a well-known bad course.

Delivery: In personGrade: Not sure yetWorkload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes
Exam HeavyAssignment Heavy

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2Bad Class
3Avg. Difficulty
1Very Boring
2Barely Useful

Prof: Piyas Chakraborty / Spring 2021

Aug 26, 2021

Comments on the course

If not mandatory for your major don't take this. Class is a disorganized mess. Requires a $35 subscription to a site for attendance/ discussion questions/ some parts of homework.

Comments on the professor

Reads off slides, overall sucks at teaching. Is a good person though.

Workload: Moderate

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