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ENTM 20600

General Entomology

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Prof: John Yaninek / Spring 2022

Nov 7, 2023

Comments on the course

There's a lot of work to do, but it isn't hard, especially if you attend lecture and take notes. A lot of stuff is reused year to year.

Course Content

You learn about the anatomy of insects, behaviors of insects, and a bit of taxonomy/identification of insects. There will be lab practicals where you have to ID things, quizzes they provide you with practice materials for, and such. Exams are all times and online.

Comments on the professor

He was really interesting and funny, from Australia, understands that some students don't actually care that much about bugs so he doesn't go crazy on things but gives you a great and interesting overview of the lives and times of insects.


The lectures themselves have some info the book doesn't have and you are tested on class material, so I'd highly recommend taking notes. Lab notebooks can almost completely be filled out outside of class-time, and you can just listen the the 5-15 min intro then turn it in and leave.

Delivery: In personGrade: AWorkload: HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Assignment HeavyQuiz HeavyParticipation Heavy

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