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CHM 12901

General Chemistry With A Biological Focus

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Prof: Lownam & Conklin / Fall 2022

Dec 7, 2022

Comments on the course

Honestly the class was really hard and I would not recommend it if you did not take AP Chemistry in High School. When grading, TAs basically take off points for anything that they can deduct you for, which was annoying.

Course Content

The content of the class is definitely useful. Its just way the content is taught or how they expect you to already know it from AP Chemistry.

Comments on the professor

The professors were not bad, but they spend too much time on conceptual stuff and not enough on practice problems. They give these easy surface level practice problems in lecture and then the homework is asking for something 100000x harder than what was covered in lecture.


If you take it without taking AP Chemistry, be prepared to dedicated A LOT of time to this class to understand the material. The Labs are usually long. The homeworks took about 3 hours to complete each week. Recitations are mandatory and I would go and complete the recitation worksheet there.

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Assignment HeavyExam Heavy

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