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ECE 36800

Data Structures

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Prof: Chengkok Koh / Spring 2022

May 10, 2022

Comments on the course

Overall, it is a very time-consuming class. Obviously, it depends on your proficiency in coding. If you grind leetcode on the regular, the assignments may not be the worst thing and may also be a little fun. But, if you don't or even if you have another time-consuming class on top of this one, it can be a little hard to try to complete all of the assignments. You have 2 weeks to do each programming assignment which sounds like a lot of time, but only if you're free most of those 2 weeks. I spent about 20+ hours on each programming assignment (with the exception of PA3) and probably would've spent more time if I didn't live in office hours for a week.

Course Content

Course content was okay, not very difficult to grasp. Exams were also not terrible and as long as you studied the lecture material and watched every lecture, you would do well on the exams. Our first 2 exams were online and third exam optional.

Comments on the professor

Professor Koh is extremely knowledgeable and helpful, especially when you need help on the programming assignment. If you are stuck, he is definitely worth going to as he can spot errors that the GTAs and UTAs may not catch. However, he can be very blunt and if you can't take him criticizing your code and the way you phrase things, you might be better off going to a TA instead.


1. Don't take it with ECE 362 or ECE 337 or any other lab/time-consuming class. 2. Start as early as you can, even if the material in the PA hasn't been covered yet. 3. Work with a TA to get a general idea of the direction of the PA so that you can plan ahead. Map out the big functions you have to write and the general purposes. 4. Budget your time. PA1 (Array & List Shellsort) is the most difficult to get a high grade on (due to the fact your algorithm may work but not under the specific time complexity). PA3 (Tree Rooting and Traversing) is the easiest. PA4 will most likely land during the most exams and projects. PA5 will likely land a week before dead week. Specific to Koh's section: 5. There are always resubmissions for these assignments, but you will not have a lot of time to more

Delivery: In personGrade: B+Workload: Very HeavyTextbook Use: No
Assignment Heavy

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