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Legal Background For Business I

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Prof: Randy Williams / Spring 2022

Jun 14, 2022

Comments on the course

I like Judge Randy’s energy. I had some of my best laughs in that class. But it’s very reading-heavy, as expected of a law class. The 4 exams were brutal, even if a few questions were based on random stuff he’s throw out in class.

Course Content

The chapters on leases, insurance, and contracts were all super useful, though I also found those chapters to be the hardest to study for because the professor emphasized them so heavily.

Comments on the professor

Good energy, let us have a cheat sheet on our final exam, and liked to go on tangents. My biggest gripe was the exams. You have absolutely no idea what you get wrong on the exams, you can’t go back to a previous question once you answer it, and because there’s a curve, you have absolutely no idea what your grade really is throughout the semester.


I regret taking 3 reading-heavy classes in one semester. Do not take so many reading-heavy classes at the same time, especially if you hate reading and/or have a busy schedule as is.

Delivery: In personGrade: BWorkload: LightTextbook Use: Yes
Exam HeavyAttendance Heavy

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