YorkU Course Reviews

York University

EECS 2021Computer Organization2.
EECS 1012Net-centric Introduction to Computing3.
EECS 2001Intro. to the Theory of Computation2.
EECS 2031Software Tools3.
ADMS 4551Auditing and Other Assurance Services4.94.3554
EECS 1022Programming for Mobile Computing3.742.84.54
ECON 1010Introduction to Macroeconomics3.34.32.834
EECS 3101Design and Analysis of Algorithms2.813.34.34
PSYC 2021Statistical Methods I4.544.74.33
EECS 1001Research Directions in Computing2.751.71.33
HIST 3160Women & Gender in Ancient Greece & Rome3.
MATH 1310Integral Calculus with Applications4.544.54.52
CHEM 1000Chemical Structure4.94.5552
EECS 1015Introduction to Computer Science and Programming4.74552
EECS 3311Software Design3.
HIST 3125Sport and Society in Ancient Greece3.73.552.52
ECON 1000Introduction to Microeconomics2.543.53.52
EECS 3482Introduction to Computer Security55551
PSYC 3590Drugs and Behaviour4.74551
CIVL 4021Hydraulic Structures4.33551
EECS 3201Digital Logic Design4.35531
EECS 2030Advanced Object Oriented Programming4.33551
ADMS 2541Introduction to Personal Finance 4.33551
ITEC 350035004.33551
CIVL 4034Freight Transportation4.33551
BIOL 2020Biochemistry44441
GEOG 2030The End of the Earth as We Know It: Global Environmental Change3.73441
MECH 2301Mechanics of Materials 3.72451
ECON 3430Monetary Economics I3.71551
CIVL 2000Civil Engineering Design Project3.32441
PSYC 2022Statistical Methods II3.33341
CIVL 4000Civil Engineering Capstone Design Project3.32441
POLS 4125Gender and Current Policy Issues3.31541
ADMS 2200Introductory Marketing 3.34331
HLST 2030Health Management I3.34331
BIOL 3120Immunobiology33331
EECS 3421Introduction to Database Systems33331
MECH 2201Thermodynamics33331
EN 1001An Introduction to Literary Study33241
EECS 3221Operating System Fundamentals32341
ADMS 1010Exploring the Functions of Business33331
EECS 1560Introduction to Computing for Mathematics and Statistics31351
ITEC 1000Introduction to Information Technologies2.75121
MATH 1300Differential Calculus with Applications2.32141
EECS 3213Communication Networks2.32231
ADMS 2320Business Statistics2.31151
COOP 2100Professional Development for Co-Op Students15111
ECON 1540Introductory Mathematical Economics II2.31241
ADMS 3351Operations Management21321
ADMS 1000 Introduction to Business22221
ADMS 3521Management of Electronic Commerce Systems23121
ITEC 3220Using and Designing Database Systems21321
ADMS 3502 Business Process Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems22131
MATH 1190Introduction to Discrete Mathematics1.71131
ADMS 1550Accounting for Non-Financial Managers11111
PHYS 1411Physics Fundamentals 111111
PPAS 3524Public Sector Budget Process11111
NATS 1940Biodiversity and Conservation43551
HUMA 1435Japanese Culture, Literature and Film11111
ECON 4010Advanced Microeconomic Theory51551
PHYS 2020Electricity and Magnetism41551
ADMS 1701Disasters: Case Studies of Causes and Impacts35441
NATS 1745History of Astronomy 45521
EECS 1019Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science43541
NATS 1870Understanding Colour55421
SOCI 2080Power and Everyday Life33441
MATH 3282Mathematical Finance54551
PHYS 1800Engineering Mechanics45331
EECS 4414Information Networks55551
HLST 4900Health Sector Applied Project21111
CH 1000Elementary Modern Standard Chinese44551
PSYC 2220Sensation and Perception I53541
POLS 6145Indigenous Politics: Decolonization or 'Development'?11111
MATH 4171Nonlinear Optimization11111
ADMS 3585Intermediate Finanicial Accounting I 00000
ADMS 4410Strategic Human Resources Management00000
ADMS 4440Issues in Human Resource Management00000
ADMS 4470International Human Resources Management00000
EECS 3401Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming00000
KINE 2049Research Methods in Kinesiology 00000
ADMS 4485Executive Coaching00000
ADMS 4495Managing Effective Groups and Teams00000
ADMS 4502Ethics for Investment Managers00000
ADMS 4504Fixed Income Securities and Risk Management00000
EECS 3461User Interfaces00000
SOSC 3543Gender and Development 00000
ADMS 4505Retirement and Estate Planning00000
ADMS 4508Money Behaviours and Client Communication00000
ADMS 4520Advanced Financial Accounting00000
FINE 2000Introduction To Finance00000
ADMS 4536Security Valuation00000
ADMS 4541Applied Corporate Finance00000
ADMS 4553Auditing: Advanced Topics00000
ACTG 3000Financial Reporting and Analysis 00000
ADMS 4562Corporate Taxation in Canada00000
MATH 1090Intro. to Logic for Computer Science00000
ADMS 4590Comprehensive and Multi-subject Accounting Problems00000
HRM 3440Leadership and Management Skills00000
ADMS 2600Human Resources Management00000
ADMS 4709Terrorism: The New Threat00000