Oregon State Course Reviews

Oregon State University

CH 233General Chemistry21.72.333
CH 232General Chemistry1.322.72.33
ME 312Thermodynamics524.54.52
GEOG 203Human-Environment Geography3.553.53.52
PS 477International Environmental Politics and Policy53551
HDFS 240Human Sexuality44331
PHL 205Ethics33111
Z 349Biodiversity: Causes, Consequences, and Conservation23321
GEOG 370Cartography24121
MTH 231Elements of Discrete Mathematics44441
HHS 231Lifetime Fitness for Health45331
ENGR 103Engineering Computation and Algorithmic Thinking45441
BDS 211Use And Abuse Of Data: Critical Thinking In Science45441
Z 361Invertebrate Biology42541
PAC 105Cpr/First Aid45351
ANS 251Principles of Animal Foods Technology43451
MTH 351Introduction to Numerical Analysis33241
PSY 483Developmental Psychopathology53551
BA 360Introduction to Financial Management43341
OC 201Oceanography43341
MTH 563Probability I11121
H 312Hiv/Aids and Stis in Modern Society45331
MTH 342Linear Algebra II32131
FW 340Multicultural Perspectives in Natural Resources44541
ENG 202Shakespeare44331
GEOG 330Geography of International Development and Globalization52531
OC 202Introduction to Biological Oceanography55331
BB 451General Biochemistry11321
BA 354^Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility53551
ANS 313Applied Animal Nutrition: Feeds and Ration Formulation00000
AG 403Thesis00000
ANS 335Equine Health And Disease00000
ANS 401Research00000
AEC 512Microeconomic Theory I00000
AG 412Ag Safety and Health00000
ANS 433Poultry Meat Production Systems00000
ANS 446Grazing Livestock Production00000
AG 509Practicum00000
ANS 499Special Topics: St/Sus Crop-Livestock Farm Sys00000
ANS 530Equine Systems I: Exercise Science00000
AEC 372Agricultural Cooperatives00000
AEC 544Commodity Futures and Options Markets00000
AGRI 407Seminar: Sem/ Ag Sciences Ambassadors00000
ANS 535Applied Animal Behavior00000
ANS 548Livestock Production On Pasture00000
AGRI 599Special Topics: St/Ag Sustainablty Puerto Rico00000
ANS 603Thesis00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Anthropology00000
AEC 565Agricultural And Food Financial Management00000
AHE 524Instructional Technology III00000
ANTH 240Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ANTH 314Peoples Of The World-Middle East00000
AHE 567Leadership Development And Human Relations00000
ANTH 332Archaeological Inference00000
ANTH 374Anthropology and Global Health00000
ACTG 499Selected Topics in Accounting: St/Navigating Actg Profession00000
AEC 410Internship00000
AEC 611Advanced Microeconomic Theory I00000
AHE 614Advanced Research Methods in Education00000
ANTH 403Thesis00000
AG 311Native American Agriculture00000
ANS 320Principles Of Companion Animal Nutrition00000
AEC 506Special Projects00000
ANS 378Animal Genetics00000
AG 407Seminar: Sem/ Research00000
ANS 420^Ethical Issues in Animal Agriculture00000
AEC 313Intermediate Applied Economics II: Markets, Welfare & Policy00000
ANS 439Dairy Production Systems00000
AG 455Risk And Crisis Communications In Ag Sci & Natural Resources00000
ANS 456Companion Animal Production Systems00000
AEC 525Applied Econometrics00000
ANS 508Workshop00000
AGRI 199Special Topics: St/ U-Succeed00000
ANS 533Poultry Meat Production Systems00000
ACTG 424Taxation I00000
ANS 539Dairy Production Systems00000
AGRI 506Organic Agriculture Capstone00000
ANS 556Companion Animal Production Systems00000
AEC 551Applications Of Environmental And Natural Resource Economics00000
ANS 609Teaching Practicum00000
AHE 506Projects00000
ANTH 201Innovation for Social Impact00000
AEC 402Independent Study00000
ANTH 311Peoples of the World-North America00000
AHE 533Needs Assessment and Research00000
ANTH 319Peoples Of The World-Japan And Korea00000
AEC 603Thesis00000
ANTH 361Food Justice00000
AHE 610Internship00000
ANTH 383Introduction to Medical Anthropology00000
ACTG 319External Reporting III00000
ANTH 407Seminar: Sem/ Tan Sack Lectures00000
AHE 621Leadership In Student Services: St/ Leadership In Student Se...00000
ANTH 432Domestication, Urbanization, And The Rise Of Civilization00000
ANTH 435Cultural Resources: Policy and Procedures00000
AEC 626Advanced Econometrics II00000
AHE 643Organization Theory-Higher Education00000
ANTH 443Human Osteology Lab00000
ANTH 449Biocultural Perspectives on Human Reproduction00000
AEC 434^Benefit-Cost Analysis00000