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WSU Course Reviews

Washington State University - Pullman

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 171[QUAN] Calculus I2.
CPTS 350Design and Analysis of Algorithms33343
HISTORY 305[ROOT] Roots of Contemporary Issues For Transfer Students3.
ME 116Engineering Computer-aided Design and Visualization4.52.544.52
MATH 273Calculus III3.5244.52
ECONS 102[SSCI] Fundamentals of Macroeconomics4.54332
ACCTG 230Introduction to Financial Accounting2.52.5122
CHEM 105[PSCI] Principles of Chemistry I1.5211.52
BIOLOGY 102[BSCI] General Biology4.54.5432
CPTS 360Systems Programming C/C++3.51442
ECONS 350Introduction to Farm and Ranch Management54551
CHEM 345Organic Chemistry I52441
PSYCH 333Abnormal Psychology54551
BLAW 210Law and the Legal Environment of Business52531
CPTS 260Introduction to Computer Architecture42441
ECONS 450[M] Advanced Farm and Ranch Management44541
PHYSICS 202Physics for Scientists and Engineers II21411
MIS 372[M] Data Management52341
ACCTG 231Introduction to Managerial Accounting33331
CPTS 223Advanced Data Structures C/C++42441
MIS 250Managing Information Technology43431
PHYSICS 450Introduction to Quantum Mechanics52551
BA 100Introduction to Business34211
JAPANESE 307Intermediate Speaking and Listening32451
ECONS 302Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis32111
CPTS 581Software Maintenance23321
CPTS 302Professional Skills in Computing and Engineering34321
BIOLOGY 107[BSCI] Introductory Biology: Cell Biology and Genetics55551
ME 313Engineering Analysis11341
COM 275Communication Seminar34121
MATH 202[QUAN] Calculus for Business and Economics44231
AFS 201Systems Skills for Agricultural and Food Systems35121
BA 102Exploring Careers in Business34211
ANTH 268[BSCI] Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature33331
ANTH 101[DIVR] Introduction to Anthropology45541
HBM 101Professional and Career Development for the Business World44411
AERO 101Heritage and Values I53551
CRMJ 320Criminal Law33441
ECONS 335[QUAN] Business Finance Economics12111
DTC 101[ARTS] Introduction to Digital Technology & Culture45331
MKTG 360Marketing44321
HONORS 280Contextual Understanding in the Arts and Humanities44431
ANIMSCI 205[BSCI] Companion Animal Nutrition55551
JAPANESE 101First Semester54551
CPTS 453Graph Theory53441
CE 211Statics53551
HISTORY 300[M] Writing about History53441
PSYCH 210Psychology as a Science25111
SOILSCI 201[BSCI] Soil: A Living System54221
ECONS 101[SSCI] Fundamentals of Microeconomics44431
BIOLOGY 321[M] Principles of Animal Development00000
ANTH 340Maya, Aztec and Inca Civilizations00000
BIOLOGY 405Principles of Organic Evolution00000
BIOLOGY 446Mutualism and Symbiosis00000
AMDT 498Special Topics00000
ANTH 418Human Issues in International Development00000
BIOLOGY 501Proposal Defense Seminar00000
BIOLOGY 210Your Future in Life Sciences00000
ANTH 320[DIVR] Native Peoples of North America00000
BIOLOGY 350Comparative Physiology00000
AMDT 435Retailing in the Apparel and Textile Industries00000
BIOLOGY 423Ornithology00000
ANTH 381[BSCI] Primate Behavioral Ecology00000
BIOLOGY 491Clinical Experience00000
AGED 407[CAPS] Student Teaching in Agricultural Education00000
ANTH 498Anthropology Internship00000
BIOLOGY 517Stress Physiology of Plants00000
BIOLOGY 549Behavioral Ecology00000
BIOLOGY 569[M] Ecosystem Ecology and Global Change00000
AMDT 518Apparel Merchandising Analysis00000
ANTH 510Fundamentals of Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOLOGY 589Advanced Topics in Biology00000
BSYSE 491Advanced Topics00000
ANTH 529Seminar in Ethnography00000
BSYSE 556Surface Hydrologic Processes and Modeling00000
BSYSE 583Food Process Engineering II00000
AERO 102Heritage and Values II00000
AGED 499Special Problems00000
AMDT 700Master's Research, Thesis, and/or Examination00000
ANTH 543Prehistory of the Plateau and Basin00000
BSYSE 598Graduate Seminar00000
BSYSE 800Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or Examination00000
ANTH 564Advances in Evolution and Human Behavior00000
CE 317[M] Geotechnical Engineering I00000
CE 351Water Resources Engineering00000
AMERST 520Colonization, Globalization and Decolonization00000
ANTH 576Paleoethnobotany00000
CE 416Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory00000
CE 431Structural Steel Design00000
ARCH 201Architectural Design I00000
CE 460Engineering Hydrology00000
CE 475Groundwater00000
AGTM 310Small Engine Maintenance and Repair00000
AMERST 590Seminar in American Studies00000
ARCH 303Architectural Design IV00000
CE 501Advanced Topics in Transportation Engineering00000
CE 511Advanced Topics in Geotechnical Engineering00000
ARCH 463Architectural Structures III00000
CE 530Advanced Design of Steel Structures00000
CE 538Earthquake Engineering00000