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CPTS 581

Software Maintenance

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Prof: Venera Arnaoudova / Fall 2021

Dec 14, 2021

Comments on the course

I don't recommend this course. It teaches a lot of out of date tools, which to some extent were useful at some point in their life, but they are really replaced by a lot more modern tools like IntelliJ or even automated analysis tools like SonarQube.

Course Content

Like mentioned in the overall thoughts, I really don't think that this course teaches the most cutting edge content in this field. The final exam appeared to have not even been changed since 2017, as the code that is distributed via ZIP has timestamps in April of 2017, which is somewhat disappointing. However, a number of the tools recommended in the course are even more out of date.

Comments on the professor

Venera seemed to be barely involved in the course. This is a fully asynchronous course, but it seemed like the TA (Ziyi) was the primary point of contact and Venera would rather not be bothered, as she requires a CC to the TA if you'd like to contact her, likely to push the workload off onto her. The only contact I received from Venera wasn't even regarding the course, it was to recruit participants for her own research.


That going into it, it's not a difficult class, but it really isn't pushing a lot of the more modern tools that are necessary in this field.

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