McGill Course Reviews

McGill University

COMP 202Foundations of Programming3.
MATH 133Linear Algebra and Geometry4.
CHEM 110General Chemistry 14.944.74.73
MATH 139Calculus 1 with Precalculus4.44.554.52
PHYS 131Mechanics and Waves4.23552
FACC 100Introduction to the Engineering Profession4.754.54.52
MATH 141Calculus 242.54.552
BIOL 112Cell and Molecular Biology3.23.5232
CCOM 206Communication in Engineering4.44552
CHEM 120General Chemistry 24.74551
PHIL 237Contemporary Moral Issues4.33551
PHYS 142Electromagnetism and Optics4.33551
BASC 201Arts & Science Integrative Topics44531
GEOG 205Global Change: Past, Present and Future3.72541
COMP 206Introduction to Software Systems33421
ECSE 202Introduction to Software Development2.73321
MATH 150Calculus A52551
CIVE 210Surveying44551
COMP 208Computer Programming for Physical Sciences and Engineering55551
EPSC 221General Geology34321
FACC 250Responsibilities of the Professional Engineer35251
MATH 262Intermediate Calculus54551
CIVE 290Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer53551
FDSC 200Introduction to Food Science54541
CIVE 206Dynamics42551
CIVE 202Construction Materials34341
MATH 151Calculus B51551
MATH 263Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers43551
CCCS 431Networking Fundamentals12211
MECH 289Design Graphics54551
CIVE 207Solid Mechanics53551
CIVE 205Statics43551
BIOC 703Ph.D. Seminar00000
ARCH 491Selected Topics in Landscape Studies00000
BIOE 693M.Sc. Thesis00000
BIOL 300Molecular Biology of the Gene00000
ANSC 701Doctoral Comprehensive Examination00000
ARCH 670Advanced Landscape Theory00000
BIOL 436Evolution and Society00000
BIOL 468D2Independent Research Project 300000
ARCH 680Field Sketching00000
BIOL 524Topics in Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 632Advanced Limnology00000
ANAT 432D1Honours Research Project00000
ANTH 210Archaeology of Early Cities00000
ARCH 711Doctoral Proseminar 100000
BIOS 630D1Research Project/Practicum in Biostatistics00000
BIOS 702D1Ph.D. Proposal00000
ARTH 226Introduction to Eighteenth-Century Art and Architecture00000
BMDE 520Machine Learning for Biomedical Data00000
BREE 210Mechanical Analysis & Design00000
ANTH 370Anthropology and the Image00000
ARTH 400Selected Methods in Art History00000
BREE 324Elements of Food Engineering00000
BREE 451Undergraduate Seminar 1 - Oral Presentation00000
ATOC 480Honours Research Project00000
BREE 490Engineering Design 200000
BIOC 699Thesis Research 300000
ARCH 221Architectural Drawing00000
BIOE 686Directed Readings 100000
ANSC 695MSc General Topic Seminar00000
BIOL 115Essential Biology00000
ARCH 540Selected Topics in Architecture 100000
BIOL 308Ecological Dynamics00000
ANAT 323Clinical Neuroanatomy00000
BIOL 467Independent Research Project 200000
ARCH 677Architectural Design 300000
BIOL 506Neurobiology of Learning00000
ANTH 202Socio-Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 592Integrated Bioinformatics00000
ARCH 684Contemporary Theory 100000
BIOS 612Advanced Generalized Linear Models00000
AEPH 112Introductory Physics 100000
BIOS 690M.Sc. Thesis00000
ARCH 721Literature Review 100000
BMDE 503Biomedical Instrumentation00000
ANTH 322Social Change in Modern Africa00000
BREE 187Freshman Seminar 100000
ARTH 354Selected Topics Art History 200000
BREE 305Fluid Mechanics00000
ANAT 695Seminars in Cell Biology 100000
BREE 416Engineering for Land Development00000
ARTH 420Selected Topics in Art and Architecture 100000
BREE 453Undergraduate Seminar 3 - Scientific Writing00000
ANTH 381Special Topic 200000
ATOC 525Atmospheric Radiation00000
BREE 601Integrated Food and Bioprocessing Internship 100000
BREE 603Advanced Properties: Food and Plant Materials00000
BREE 623Proposal Preparation00000
ACCT 362Cost Accounting00000
AGEC 690Seminar in Agricultural Economics00000
ANAT 697Seminars in Cell Biology 300000
ANTH 419Archaeology of Hunter-Gatherers00000
ATOC 568Ocean Physics00000
BREE 671Project 100000
BREE 691M.Sc. Thesis 100000
ATOC 670Reading Course: Meteorology 100000
BREE 692M.Sc. Thesis 200000
BREE 696M.Sc. Thesis 600000
ANTH 480Special Topic 500000