Carleton Course Reviews

Carleton University

STAT 2507Introduction to Statistical Modeling I3.
PSYC 2301Introduction to Health Psychology4.344.743
ECON 1001Introduction to Microeconomics4.343.74.33
COMP 1805Discrete Structures I433.53.52
ECOR 3800Engineering Economics1.551.522
COMP 2402Abstract Data Types and Algorithms11.5232
COMP 3000Operating Systems4.53.53.542
MATH 1800Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning53.54.532
MATH 3800Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods44.53.522
CIVE 3202Mechanics of Solids II42.543.52
MAAE 2101Engineering Dynamics2.522.542
PHYS 3802Advanced Dynamics2.53.5552
ELEC 3509Electronics II213.542
HIST 2600History of Russia53.5552
ALDS 2704Bilingualism4.54.5552
ECON 1002Introduction to Macroeconomics3.533.54.52
BUSI 1004Financial Accounting for Business Students3.532.54.52
COMP 1005Introduction to Computer Science I44451
LING 3004Syntax I33221
ECON 4880Special Topics in Economics53551
ERTH 2403Introduction to Oceanography34221
BIOL 1902Natural History45531
LAWS 4303Drugs, The User and The State54551
MATH 1009Calculus: with Applications to Business44351
HIST 2809The Historian's Craft54451
ECON 2009Managerial Economics43441
NEUR 2201Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience41441
NEUR 2002Introduction to Statistics in Neuroscience32251
GERM 3110Intensive Third-Year German53551
LING 1001Introduction to Linguistics I45551
ENGL 1008English Grammar: Fundamentals33231
MUSI 1002Issues in Popular Music55531
NEUR 2001Introduction to Research Methods in Neuroscience44251
COMP 1406Introduction to Computer Science II32241
ECOR 4995Professional Practice55451
AERO 2001Aerospace Engineering Graphical Design54551
BIOL 2301Biotechnology I54331
COMP 2406Fundamentals of Web Applications54551
MUSI 2007Popular Musics after 194544441
BIOL 2104Introductory Genetics34221
PSYC 1002Introduction to Psychology II44541
PHIL 2201Introduction to Marxist Philosophy44541
STAT 2606Business Statistics I32341
BIOL 1010Biotechnology and Society45321
HIST 2402History of the United States from 186554551
BIOL 2001Animals: Form and Function44341
LAWS 4308Sentencing45241
GERM 4110Intensive Fourth-Year German53551
ASLA 1110Intensive First-Year American Sign Language43441
COMP 2804Discrete Structures II43541
COMP 2404Introduction to Software Engineering53551
ALDS 1001Language Matters: Introduction to ALDS43551
BUSI 3005Taxation I52451
MUSI 1001A History of Western Classical Music: Medieval to the Present54531
ALDS 2201Analysis of Oral Language Use54541
BUSI 1005Managerial Accounting for Business Students43351
BUSI 1800Introduction to Business55551
ALDS 2604Communication Disorders I53551
PHYS 2203Astronomy43531
PAPM 3000Policy Research32221
MAAE 3300Fluid Mechanics II21331
BUSI 2702Introduction to International Management44541
ANTH 1001Introduction to Anthropology43431
PHYS 3308Electromagnetism32341
LAWS 1001Introduction to Legal Studies 133441
AERO 3101Lightweight Structures32341
ENGL 1500Introduction to Creative Writing44431
CHEM 2203Organic Chemistry I11121
BIOL 2201Cell Biology and Biochemistry32251
NEUR 2801Neuroscience and Creativity32331
WGST 1808Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies55551
HUMR 1001Introduction to Human Rights33331
HIST 3805Twentieth-Century China45441
FREN 2100French 432341
MAAE 3400Applied Thermodynamics11441
SYSC 2004Object-Oriented Software Development11241
ECON 3820Topics in Canadian Economic Policy43431
GERM 1010First-Year German I43431
COMP 2801Introduction to Robotics11421
GERM 2110Intensive Second-Year German53551
AERO 3002Aerospace Design and Practice55551
COMP 3804Design and Analysis of Algorithms I11341
PSYC 3702Perception13511
ASLA 1010First-Year American Sign Language I55541
PHIL 2001Introduction to Logic45331
ARCY 1008Introduction to Archaeology I53441
HLTH 3303Molecular and Cellular Pathology II11111
HIST 251120th-Century Germany53551
GERM 1110Intensive First-Year German54551
ECON 4020Advanced Microeconomic Theory31451
MAAE 4102Materials: Strength and Fracture33141
PHIL 1301Mind, World, and Knowledge44441
MAAE 2300Fluid Mechanics I32331
BUSI 2601Business Law23241
BUSI 2504Business Finance I42451
ARCU 3303Urbanism Studio 1: Urbanism in the Core00000
ALDS 4208Languages for Specific Purposes00000
ARCU 3902Urban Studies00000
ARCU 4304Urbanism Studio 4: Global Perspectives00000
ANTH 3600Studies in Anthropology and Indigenous Peoples00000