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UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 100Differential Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering2.
MATH 200Calculus III2.
MATH 102Differential Calculus with Applications to Life Sciences2.
MATH 220Mathematical Proof3.5343.54
MATH 120Honours Differential Calculus3.
MATH 221Matrix Algebra43.73.353
MATH 180Differential Calculus with Physical Applications3.
MATH 104Differential Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences3.
MATH 223Linear Algebra4.414.74.33
MATH 184Differential Calculus for Social Science and Commerce3.223.743
MATH 226Advanced Calculus I3.3433.73
MATH 217Multivariable and Vector Calculus55551
MATH 532Algebraic Geometry I55551
MATH 361Introduction to Mathematical Biology3.74431
MATH 307Applied Linear Algebra3.33431
MATH 105Integral Calculus with Applications to Commerce and Social Sciences3.34331
MATH 316Elementary Differential Equations II32431
MATH 300Introduction to Complex Variables2.72421
MATH 101Integral Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering12121
MATH 121Honours Integral Calculus52541
MATH 215Elementary Differential Equations I12231
MATH 152Linear Systems00000
MATH 190Calculus Survey00000
MATH 303Introduction to Stochastic Processes00000
MATH 318Probability with Physical Applications00000
MATH 322Introduction to Group Theory00000
MATH 340Introduction to Linear Programming00000
MATH 344Mathematical Game Theory00000
MATH 398Co-operative Work Placement I00000
MATH 401Green's Functions and Variational Methods00000
MATH 406Variational and Approximate Methods in Applied Mathematics00000
MATH 419Stochastic Processes00000
MATH 423Commutative Algebra00000
MATH 426Introduction to Topology00000
MATH 440Complex Analysis00000
MATH 442Graphs and Networks00000
MATH 448ADirected Studies in Mathematics - DIRECTED STUDIES00000
MATH 501Algebra I00000
MATH 508Complex Analysis00000
MATH 516Partial Differential Equations I00000
MATH 526Differential Geometry II00000
MATH 533Algebraic Geometry II00000
MATH 545Probability II00000
MATH 552Introduction to Dynamical Systems00000
MATH 567Nonlinear Wave Equations00000
MATH 603DTopics in Topology - TOPICS TOPOLOGY00000
MATH 608DTopics in Probability - TPCS PROBABILITY00000
MATH 613DTopics in Number Theory - NUMBER THEORY00000
MATH 649Doctoral Dissertation00000
MATH 103Integral Calculus with Applications to Life Sciences00000
MATH 110Differential Calculus00000
MATH 210Introduction to Mathematical Computing00000
MATH 227Advanced Calculus II00000
MATH 254Multivariable and Vector Calculus for Mechanical Engineering00000
MATH 256Differential Equations00000
MATH 258Differential Equations for Mechanical Engineering00000
MATH 302Introduction to Probability00000
MATH 312Introduction to Number Theory00000
MATH 317Calculus IV00000
MATH 320Real Variables I00000
MATH 323Introduction to Rings and Modules00000
MATH 341Introduction to Discrete Mathematics00000
MATH 358Engineering Analysis00000
MATH 399Co-operative Work Placement II00000
MATH 404Harmonic Analysis I00000
MATH 414Mathematical Demonstrations00000
MATH 420Real Analysis I00000
MATH 422Fields and Galois Theory00000
MATH 425Introduction to Modern Differential Geometry00000
MATH 437Number Theory00000
MATH 443Graph Theory00000
MATH 449DHonours Reading - HONOURS READING00000
MATH 499Co-operative Work Placement IV00000
MATH 507Measure Theory and Integration00000
MATH 521Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH 527Algebraic Topology I00000
MATH 537Elementary Number Theory00000
MATH 542Harmonic Analysis II00000
MATH 549AThesis for Master's Degree - MASTERS THESIS00000
MATH 559Complex Fluids00000
MATH 589M.Sc. Major Essay00000
MATH 605DTopics in Applied Mathematics - TPC APPLIED MATH00000
MATH 612DTopics in Mathematical Biology - TOPICS MATH BIOL00000
MATH 620ADirected Studies in Mathematics - DIRECT STDS MATH00000
MATH 253Multivariable Calculus00000
MATH 255Ordinary Differential Equations00000
MATH 257Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH 264Vector Calculus for Electrical Engineering00000
MATH 301Applied Analysis00000
MATH 305Applied Complex Analysis00000
MATH 309Topics in Geometry00000
MATH 321Real Variables II00000
MATH 335Introduction to Mathematics00000
MATH 342Algebra and Coding Theory00000
MATH 400Applied Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH 405Numerical Methods for Differential Equations00000
MATH 418Probability00000
MATH 421Real Analysis II00000
MATH 424Classical Differential Geometry00000
MATH 427Topics in Topology00000
MATH 441Mathematical Modelling: Discrete Optimization Problems00000
MATH 444Mathematical Research and Writing00000
MATH 498Co-operative Work Placement III00000
MATH 502Algebra II00000
MATH 510Functional Analysis00000
MATH 525Differential Geometry I00000
MATH 541Harmonic Analysis I00000
MATH 544Probability I00000
MATH 549BThesis for Master's Degree - MASTERS THESIS00000
MATH 564Evolutionary Dynamics00000
MATH 599Mathematics Teaching Techniques00000
MATH 607ETopics in Numerical Analysis - TPCS NUMERIC ANL00000
MATH 610DTopics in Pure Mathematics - TOPICS PURE MATH00000
MATH 616DTopics in Discrete Mathematics - DISCRETE MATH00000
MATH 002Pre-Calculus00000
MATH 310Abstract Linear Algebra00000
MATH 319Introduction to Real Analysis00000
MATH 360Mathematical Modelling in Science00000
MATH 412Advanced Linear Algebra00000
MATH 450Asymptotic and Perturbation Methods00000
MATH 503Discrete Mathematics00000
MATH 519Fluid Mechanics I00000
MATH 534Lie Theory I00000
MATH 539Analytic Number Theory00000
MATH 548Discrete Random Processes00000
MATH 551Perturbation Methods for Differential Equations00000
MATH 556Industrial Mathematical Modelling00000
MATH 563Modelling of Cell-Scale Biology00000
MATH 592ATopics in Automorphic Forms - AUTOMORPHIC FORM00000
MATH 601DTopics in Analysis - TOPICS IN ANALYS00000
MATH 602DTopics in Geometry - TOPICS GEOMETRY00000
MATH 608ETopics in Probability - TPCS PROBABILITY00000
MATH 615BTopics in Algebraic Geometry - ALGEBRAIC GEOMET00000
MATH 620BDirected Studies in Mathematics - DIRECT STDS MATH00000
MATH 001Algebra00000
MATH 308Euclidean Geometry00000
MATH 313Topics in Number Theory00000
MATH 345Applied Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos00000
MATH 402Calculus of Variations00000
MATH 446Topics in the History of Mathematics I00000
MATH 462Projects in Mathematical Biology00000
MATH 517Partial Differential Equations II00000
MATH 522Numerical Analysis00000
MATH 538Algebraic Number Theory00000
MATH 546Continuous Time Stochastic Processes00000
MATH 550Methods of Asymptotic Analysis00000
MATH 555Compressed Sensing00000
MATH 560Mathematical Biology00000
MATH 566Theory of Optimal Transportation00000
MATH 600DTopics in Algebra - TOPICS IN ALGBRA00000
MATH 601ETopics in Analysis - TOPICS IN ANALYS00000
MATH 606DTopics in Differential Equations - TPCS DIFRNTL EQU00000
MATH 615ATopics in Algebraic Geometry - ALGEBRAIC GEOMET00000
MATH 620DDirected Studies in Mathematics - DIRECT STDS MATH00000