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UW Course Reviews

University of Washington

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 126 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III4.22.243.86
MATH 125 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II2.822.73.56
PHYS 121 Mechanics1.
ECON 200 Introduction to Microeconomics3.
CSE 142 Computer Programming I3.233.445
CSE 143 Computer Programming II3.
ENGL 131 Composition: Exposition44.833.84
PSYCH 210 The Diversity of Human Sexuality4543.84
MATH 300 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning31.73.33.73
STAT 311 Elements of Statistical Methods3.
CSE 373 Data Structures and Algorithms42.34.353
INFO 200 Intellectual Foundations of Informatics4.73.754.33
INFO 201 Technical Foundations4.
DESIGN 166 Design Foundations3.5144.52
OCEAN 102 The Changing Oceans33442
LIS 570 Research, Assessment, and Design53.54.552
MATH 124 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I223.53.52
C LIT 240 Writing in Comparative Literature4.53.54.542
ENGL 302 Critical Practice3.52.54.532
CSE 414 Introduction to Database Systems3.52442
ENGL 349 Science Fiction and Fantasy4.54542
ENGL 281 Intermediate Expository Writing43.5532
CHEM 237 Organic Chemistry42341
MATH 134 Accelerated [Honors] Calculus52541
MATH 308 Matrix Algebra with Applications11131
LIS 545 Data Curation I: Fundamentals54551
CSE 444 Database Systems Internals52551
ENGL 378 Special Topics in Theories/Methods45531
ENVIR 100 Introduction to Environmental Studies13121
PHYS 115 Heat, Fluids and Electricity and Magnetism12121
PHYS 122 Electromagnetism31451
PHIL 482 Philosophy of Physical Science52551
CSE 331 Software Design and Implementation44551
SOC 110 Survey of Sociology35321
ENGL 323 Shakespeare to 160343531
ENGL 355 American Literature: Contemporary America54541
CSE 332 Data Structures and Parallelism23231
PHG 200 Implications of Public Health Genomics for the Modern World55541
CSE 160 Data Programming44441
INFO 340 Client-Side Development55551
INFO 180 Introduction to Data Science23151
ACCTG 215 Introduction to Accounting and Financial Reporting52351
PSYCH 101 Introduction to Psychology43541
POL S 407 International Conflict44541
LING 269 Swearing and Taboo Language55551
INFO 101 Social Networking Technologies55531
PHIL 120 Introduction to Logic42551
MATH 318 Advanced Linear Algebra Tools and Applications52551
ENGL 368 Women Writers45531
ENGL 202 Introduction to the Study of English Language and Literature44541
COM 200 Introduction to Communication55451
CSE 341 Programming Languages54551
ENGL 182 Composition: Multimodal55551
ECON 448 Population and Development55531
CSE 417 Algorithms and Computational Complexity52441
CSE 312 Foundations of Computing II53551
ENVIR 239 Sustainability: Personal Choices, Broad Impacts54551
JSIS 123 Introduction to Globalization15211
AMATH 301 Beginning Scientific Computing54541
ENVIR 200 Communication for Environmental Studies55541
HCDE 301 Advanced Communication in HCDE35341
CHEM 142 General Chemistry21431
ATM S 101 Weather54551
A A 310 Orbital and Space Flight Mechanics54551
A A 528 Spacecraft Dynamics and Control41431
MATH 402 Introduction to Modern Algebra53541
CSE 154 Web Programming12231
ENGL 348 Studies in Popular Culture55551
ENGL 316 Postcolonial Literature and Culture54541
ESRM 300 Principles of Sustainability55551
ENGL 242 Reading Prose Fiction55541
CSE 163 Intermediate Data Programming53541
EDC&I 351 Teaching as a Profession54551
CHEM 238 Organic Chemistry43241
CHEM 152 General Chemistry43441
ARCHY 377 Archaeology of the Arctic00000
ANTH 422 Visuality and Medicine00000
ARCHY 467 Research Ethics in Archaeology: Conservation, Accountability, and Stewardship00000
ARCHY 486 Geoarchaeology Laboratory00000
ANTH 301 Human Nature and Culture00000
ANTH 427 Anthropology in Urban Settings00000
ARCHY 490 Museum Curation Practicum: Archaeology00000
ARCHY 499 Undergraduate Research00000
ANTH 432 Sociolinguistics I00000
ARCHY 512 Looting and Loss00000
ARCHY 525 Archaeology of Island Southeast Asia and the Pacific00000
AIS 446 American Indian Economic History00000
ANTH 305 Anthropology of the Body00000
ANTH 439 Pidgin and Creole Languages00000
ARCHY 573 Indigenous Archaeology00000
ARCHY 579 Approaches to the Material World00000
ANTH 445 Literature and Society in Southeast Asia00000
BIO A 100 Evolution and Human Behavior00000
BIO A 206 Plagues and Peoples00000
ANTH 309 Indigenous Epistemologies and Oceanic Canoes00000
ANTH 450 Language and Gender00000
BIO A 270 Human and Comparative Anatomy00000
BIO A 348 Evolutionary Biology and Human Diversity00000
ANTH 455 Areal Linguistics00000
BIO A 369 Special Issues in Biological Anthropology00000