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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHY 2048Physics with Calculus 12.622.835
PHY 2049Physics with Calculus 22.31.832.54
PHY 2054Physics
PHY 4604Introductory Quantum Mechanics 14.52.554.52
PHY 3221Mechanics 153551
PHY 4222Mechanics 252541
PHY 4324Electromagnetism 252551
PHY 3513Thermal Physics 132341
PHY 3323Electromagnetism 151551
PHY 2048LLaboratory for Physics with Calculus 154441
PHY 2049LLaboratory for Physics with Calculus 243441
PHY 3101Introduction to Modern Physics42541
PHY 2053Physics 132231
PHY 2005LLaboratory for Applied Physics 200000
PHY 4550Cryogenics00000
PHY 2004LLaboratory for Applied Physics 100000
PHY 2053LLaboratory for Physics 100000
PHY 2464The Physical Basis of Music00000
PHY 4905Individual Work00000
PHY 5905Individual Work00000
PHY 7097Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics: MACHINE LEARNING00000
PHY 6943Internship in College Teaching00000
PHY 6246Classical Mechanics00000
PHY 7979Advanced Research00000
PHY 6346Electromagnetic Theory I00000
PHY 6920Departmental Colloquium00000
PHY 7669Quantum Field Theory II00000
PHY 6905Individual Work00000
PHY 6648Quantum Field Theory I00000
PHY 6347Electromagnetic Theory II00000
PHY 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
PHY 6645Quantum Mechanics I00000
PHY 6646Quantum Mechanics II00000
PHY 6536Statistical Mechanics I00000
PHY 6910Supervised Research00000
PHY 2020Introduction to Principles of Physics00000
PHY 2060Enriched Physics with Calculus 100000
PHY 4605Introductory Quantum Mechanics 200000
PHY 1033CDiscovering Physics00000
PHY 2064LAccelerated Physics with Calculus Laboratory00000
PHY 3840LBuilding Scientific Equipment00000
PHY 4803LLaboratory Physics 200000
PHY 2054LLaboratory for Physics 200000
PHY 2061Enriched Physics with Calculus 200000
PHY 3400Light, Color and Holography00000
PHY 4802LLaboratory Physics 100000
PHY 2005Applied Physics 200000
PHY 4523Statistical Physics00000
PHY 2004Applied Physics 100000
PHY 3063Enriched Modern Physics00000
PHY 4424Optics 100000
PHY 4911Undergraduate Research in Physics00000