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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
APK 2100CApplied Human Anatomy with Laboratory4.724.74.73
APK 3113CPrinciples of Strength and Conditioning53551
APK 3110CPhysiology of Exercise and Training53551
APK 3163Sport Nutrition44541
APK 3200Motor Learning54551
APK 4050Research Methods00000
APK 4125CPhysical Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription00000
APK 6116CPhysiological Bases of Exercise and Sport Sciences00000
APK 6176Strength and Conditioning00000
APK 6408Performance Enhancement00000
APK 7117Exercise Metabolism00000
APK 3405Exercise Psychology00000
APK 4120Clinical Exercise Physiology00000
APK 4101Fundamentals of Skeletal Muscle00000
APK 4144Movement Neuroscience00000
APK 2105CApplied Human Physiology with Laboratory00000
APK 3400Introduction to Sport Psychology00000
APK 4115Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise00000
APK 4943Teaching Experience in APK00000
APK 4103CKinetic Anatomy00000
APK 4912Undergraduate Research00000
APK 3220CBiomechanical Basis of Movement00000
APK 4112Advanced Exercise Physiology00000
APK 4940CInternship00000
APK 3113Principles of Strength and Conditioning00000
APK 6118Neuromuscular Adaptation to Exercise00000
APK 6205CNature and Bases of Motor Performance00000
APK 6900Directed Independent Study: HEAT STROKEPHYSIOLOGY00000
APK 5102Kinetic Anatomy00000
APK 6145Movement Disorders00000
APK 6225Biomechanical Instrumentation00000
APK 6940Advanced Practicum in Exercise and Sport Science00000
APK 5127Assessment in Exercise Science00000
APK 6167Nutrition Aspects of Human Performance00000
APK 6226CBiomechanics of Human Motion00000
APK 7108Environmental Stress Exercise Physiology00000
APK 5404Sport Psychology00000
APK 6170Advanced Exercise Physiology00000
APK 6406Exercise Psychology00000
APK 7107Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology00000
APK 6206Planning Motor Actions00000
APK 5133Human Pathophysiology for the Exercise Sciences00000
APK 4905CVariable Topics in Exercise and Sport Sciences: CLIN ANAT EX...00000