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UCalgary Course Reviews

University of Calgary

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 385Abnormal Psychology3.83.73.333
MATH 211Linear Methods I1.71.732.73
ENGG 201Behaviour of Liquids, Gases and Solids3.933.53.52
ANTH 201Introduction to Biological Anthropology4.4454.52
ENGG 349Dynamics2.
SENG 471Software Requirements Engineering2.23.512.52
PHYS 221Mechanics3.53232
PSYC 373Motivation42.554.52
RELS 373Topics in Religious Studies32332
ANTH 331Sex and Gender3.532.51.52
ENGO 333Computing for Geomatics Engineers534.552
PHIL 201Mind, Matter and God43541
ENGO 363Estimation and Statistical Testing44351
MATH 375Differential Equations for Engineers and Scientists3.32351
MATH 327Number Theory3.33431
PHYS 369Acoustics, Optics and Radiation (for students in Engineering)2.72421
ANTH 305Human Variation and Adaptation2.72331
ECON 425International Trade2.31331
ENGO 327Spectral Analysis in Geomatics1.71131
MDSC 203Developing Health Research Literacy I43551
SENG 438Software Testing, Reliability, and Quality34331
MATH 267University Calculus II53551
MATH 315Algebra I13531
ENCI 451Structural Engineering I11111
GOPH 375Natural Disasters and Critical Earth Phenomena42541
ENGG 687Ethics, Law, and the Engineering Profession15111
MATH 515Foundations55551
INTR 301A Multidisciplinary Survey of International Relations23211
EDUC 460Specialization I24221
GLGY 305Introduction to Dinosaurs45311
GEOG 310Landforms and Soils42431
ENME 626Corrosion Science in the Pipelines Industry55551
CPSC 217Introduction to Computer Science for Multidisciplinary Studies I43551
GEOG 354Social and Cultural Geography44541
ENGL 251Literature and Society43421
BCEM 341Biochemistry of Life Processes11241
ENME 622Pump and Compressor Stations24331
CPSC 481Human-Computer Interaction I43531
RELS 387Christian Monks, Mystics and Reformers53551
CPSC 319Data Structures, Algorithms, and Their Applications13351
GEOG 280Thinking Spatially in a Digital World42341
BMEN 322Biomedical Engineering Processes13311
CHEM 201General Chemistry: Structure and Bonding12111
BIOL 205The Organization and Diversity of Life44331
SENG 401Software Architecture14221
GEOG 308Climate and Ecosystems43431
EDUC 427Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)34321
CPSC 521Foundations of Functional Programming51551
ENEL 300Electrical and Computer Engineering Professional Skills34331
PLBI 327Systematics and Diversity of Plants43441
PSYC 375Brain and Behaviour32441
PSYC 411Design and Analysis in Psychological Research43451
MDSC 341Principles of Human Genetics43541
MDSC 205Developing Health Research Literacy II32451
GRST 209Classical Mythology and Literature43321
GEOG 452Urban Social Geography42451
CHEM 203General Chemistry: Change and Equilibrium42531
ASTR 207Introduction to Astronomy I - The Solar System55531
MATH 265University Calculus I55451
CPSC 471Data Base Management Systems22231
BMEN 381Mechanics I43441
ARCH 616Comprehensive Architectural Design Studio00000
ANTH 573Honours Seminar in Social and Cultural Anthropology00000
ARCH 670Experiential Learning in Architecture00000
ARCH 674Experiential Learning in Architecture00000
ACSC 639Conference Course in Actuarial Modelling00000
ANTH 605Professional Skills for Anthropologists00000
ARCH 676Experiential Learning in Architecture00000
ARCH 684Special Topics in Architecture00000
ANTH 631Anthropological Theory00000
ARCH 690Studio Research Selective00000
ARCH 790Directed Study in Architecture00000
ACCT 665Managerial Control Systems00000
AFST 400Field Study in Africa00000
ANTH 659Primatology00000
ART 233Art Fundamentals: 3D00000
ART 241Drawing I00000
ALMC 204Beginners' Arabic II00000
ART 336Digital Photography00000
ART 342Art Education Across the Lifespan I00000
ASL 203Beginners' American Sign Language II00000
ALMC 309Arabic Culture in an Immersion Setting00000
ART 349Drawing for the Biological Sciences00000
ART 351Painting: Figuration00000
ALMC 319Topics in Muslim Civilization II00000
ART 377Printmaking: Screenprint00000
ACCT 443Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 674Managerial Accounting Concepts00000
ART 397Professional Development00000
ALMC 343Topics in Colloquial Spoken Arabic I00000
ART 414Advanced Topics in Indigenous Art00000
ART 445Advanced Topics in Drawing00000
ALMC 360Topics in Muslim Literatures00000
ART 475Advanced Topics in Printmaking00000
ART 491Community-Based Art Experiences00000
ANTH 320Ethnographic Overview of Africa00000
ALMC 499Topics in the Study of Arabic Language and Muslim Cultures00000
ART 509Curriculum Building for Art00000
ART 563Honours Studio Research II00000
ARKY 306Field Course in Archaeological Techniques00000