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MDSC 203

Developing Health Research Literacy I

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Prof: Dr. Jesse Love Hendrikse / Fall 2019

Mar 21, 2022

Comments on the course

The class will be easiest if you stay on top of reading the papers assigned each week. The individual assignments can be tricky because, for most, this is their first time writing scientific papers of this calibre, but the profs understand that and give us numerous times to discuss the assignments one on one with the TAs. The group assignments are fairly easy and enjoyable as long as everyone works equally hard (the groups are assigned to us). Presentation day can be a nightmare but just know that everyone is equally stressed. All in all, you'll be ok :D

Course Content

This class is a class that all students in the undergrad ******* school of medicine programs take, so that means we all learn topics relating to biomedical sciences, bioinformatics, and health and society. You don't actually learn "content" in this class necessarily, it's more about learning how to research/read/understand/write scientific papers. During class, you will learn some random topics in medicine but there is no final exam or tests that test your knowledge of what has been learned (the final project is the last thing you do in this course).

Comments on the professor

The professors (there are actually two, Hendrikse and Anderson) are very intimidating at first but once you get to know them they are very kind and very willing to help (especially Hendrikse). Just don't be surprised when Hendrikse is explaining a concept and uses the example of him being a bachelor NUMEROUS times.


Going into this class I was terrified because this was the MDSC class and biomedical sciences is an honours program so it will probably be really hard. But I soon learned that due to the small program size (it's the smallest program offered at the U of C), the profs and TAs really get to know you well and are very kind and considerate if you are ever struggling and need to ask for help.

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