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MDSC 205

Developing Health Research Literacy II

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Prof: Dr. Jesse Love Hendrikse / Winter 2020

Mar 21, 2022

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The weekly online quizzes are a pain because they quiz you on a new research paper each time and some of those papers were so boring and hard to get through. In a way, it's a continuation of MDSC 203 but with more of a focus on applying the skills we learned (understanding research papers and writing our own papers). The two papers you need to write can feel overwhelming because of how much they counted towards (especially for me who had been told in MDSC 203 that my writing style was "really weird"). But once again Hendrikse was a super reasonable prof that was willing to give extensions if needed (especially because this was the start of COVID lockdowns so all of our Winter 2020 classes were suddenly moved online halfway through the semester.

Course Content

Read research papers, read some more research papers, find your own research papers to read, write your own research papers. But in all honesty, it is a very useful class, it really teaches you how to research and it's a skill you will continue to use for possibly the rest of your life.

Comments on the professor

Again Hendrikse is a little odd at times and I had the luck of being assigned to his small discussion group rather than one led by a TA, but he was always very kind and keeps students engaged.


For the weekly quizzes they are so much easier if you print out the paper (they are open book so you can have the paper there with you), and when you read it ahead of time use a colour coding system when you highlight so that important information is easy to find (ex. orange for important data results, yellow for key terms, green for misc information you think may be important, etc.).

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