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UAlberta Course Reviews

University of Alberta

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGL 103Case Studies in Research3.
CHEM 101Introductory University Chemistry I2.
EDU 210Introduction to Educational Technology2.341.81.85
MATH 117Honors Calculus I4.73.34.854
ZOOL 241Animal Physiology I: Homeostasis4.2354.52
ECON 101Introduction to Microeconomics4.744.54.52
EDU 100Contexts of Education43.54.542
BIOL 108Organisms in Their Environment2.
NEURO 375Functional Neuroanatomy41.54.54.52
ECE 210Introduction to Digital Logic Design2.
BOT 205Fundamentals of Plant Biology3.
LING 101Introduction to Linguistic Analysis3.74342
ENGG 100Success in Engineering34.5232
CMPUT 204Algorithms I3.22.52.542
NUTR 100Nutrition and Well-being1.522.532
MATH 100Calculus I42.5452
CMPUT 3073D Modeling and Animation3311.52
MATH 125Linear Algebra I4334.52
CMPUT 175Introduction to the Foundations of Computation II4.544.54.52
LIS 510Storytelling11112
CMPUT 201Practical Programming Methodology21232
CMPUT 174Introduction to the Foundations of Computation I4.54.5452
FIN 488Selected Topics in Finance55551
MATH 298Problem Solving Seminar55551
EDU 211Aboriginal Education and Contexts for Professional and Personal Engagement55551
MATH 127Honors Linear Algebra I55551
PSYCO 239Abnormal Psychology55551
BIOL 384Global Change and Ecosystems4.74551
FIN 301Introduction to Finance4.74551
POL S 224Canadian Government4.74551
MATH 111Introduction to Discrete Mathematics4.35531
ENGL 102Introduction to Critical Analysis4.33551
OM 352Operations Management4.34451
EDEL 302Curriculum and Pedagogy in Elementary School Art4.34541
HIST 385Modern China43541
CMPUT 301Introduction to Software Engineering43451
MICRB 315Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology43541
GERM 111Beginners' German I43541
HIST 394History of Astronomy and Cosmology from Stonehenge to the Space Age43541
CHRTC 100The Bible: An Introduction44441
ASTRO 101Black Holes43541
INT D 250Survey Course on Cannabis44351
DES 135Design Fundamentals43541
MATH 217Honors Advanced Calculus I3.71551
BOT 306Biology of the Fungi3.72541
MATH 418Honors Real Variables II3.72541
ECON 109Basic Writing in Economics I3.75331
PHIL 120Symbolic Logic I3.35321
HIST 293History of Science, Technology and Medicine: Key Moments3.33431
CHEM 264Organic Chemistry I: Theory3.32441
DRAMA 150Introduction to Dramatic Process3.32441
CMPUT 379Operating System Concepts3.32351
MATH 134Calculus for the Life Sciences I3.33431
HIST 368History of the Native Peoples of Canada to 186732431
CHEM 102Introductory University Chemistry II33331
BIOCH 310Bioenergetics and Metabolism31441
MATH 209Calculus III32341
CHRTC 203Topics in the Catholic Tradition31531
CHEM 263Organic Chemistry II2.71341
PMCOL 305An Introduction to the Pharmacology of Drug Abuse2.31331
CMPUT 229Computer Organization and Architecture I21321
CIV E 395Civil Engineering Analysis III1.32111
MATH 334Introduction to Differential Equations54551
KIN 434Physical Activity and Chronic Disease Management53541
ENGL 250Introduction to Canadian Literatures45331
CMPUT 272Formal Systems and Logic in Computing Science22111
CHEM 213Quantitative Analysis II12111
STAT 252Introduction to Applied Statistics II44341
MATH 154Calculus for Business and Economics I12131
PALEO 200Introduction to Dinosaurs in the Fossil Record54541
MATH 144Calculus for the Physical Sciences I41441
EDSE 401Conference Seminar55551
BIOL 207Molecular Genetics and Heredity53531
BIOL 107Introduction to Cell Biology43331
LING 509Syntactic Theory53531
KIN 413Cardiopulmonary Exercise Physiology42551
HADVC 211Special Topics in the History of Art, Design and Visual Culture53441
FREN 111Beginners' French I31341
ENCMP 100Computer Programming for Engineers11111
EDPS 410Ethics and Law in Teaching22331
CHEM 371Energetics of Chemical Reactions42331
BIOL 201Eukaryotic Cellular Biology53551
PMCOL 200Drugs - An Introduction to Pharmacology53541
KRLS 304Advanced Sociology of Sport and Leisure34221
REN R 110Natural Resource Measurement11141
PHYS 124Particles and Waves43451
STAT 151Introduction to Applied Statistics I44531
PHIL 101Introduction to Philosophy: Values and Society44531
MATH 146Calculus for the Physical Sciences II53551
KIN 401Applied Ethics in Sport, Physical Activity and Exercise52441
KIN 335Advanced Conditioning Methodology53551
EDEL 395Group Project I Elementary Education55551
CMPUT 267Basics of Machine Learning23431
CMPUT 366Intelligent Systems53551
CH E 445Chemical Reactor Analysis II31441
ART 510Painting: Advanced Studies I00000
ANTHR 490Human Osteoarchaeology00000
ART 522BPrintmaking: Advanced Studies I00000
ART 525BWord and Image: Advanced Projects in Printmaking for Artists and Designers00000
ANTHE 401Médecines traditionnelles00000