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MSU Course Reviews

Michigan State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
HNF 150Introduction to Human Nutrition34342
CSE 498Collaborative Design (W)11341
GEO 215Sports Geography54551
PLS 320Judicial Politics11311
PHY 231CIntroductory Physics I11121
EGR 100Introduction to Engineering Design55451
KIN 365Sensorimotor Control21231
ISP 205LVisions of the Universe Laboratory21421
MTH 411Abstract Algebra II51451
MKT 327Introduction to Marketing54551
GEO 331Geog Canada44441
CSE 320Computer Organization and Architecture11531
CAS 114Creativity and Innovative Entrepreneurship55551
AFR 101AElementary Swahili I00000
ADV 224Introduction to Creative Media00000
AFR 290Independent Study00000
AFRE 232Commodity Marketing I00000
ACC 807Financial Statement Analysis00000
ADV 352Media Sales00000
AFRE 801Mathematical Applications in Economics00000
AFRE 861Agriculture in Economic Development00000
ADV 432Digital Media Planning/Buying00000
AFRE 925Adv Nat Res Econ00000
AIIS 801Indigenous Theories & Methods00000
ABM 425Commodity Marketing II00000
ACC 834Taxation Gifts, Trusts, Estate00000
ADV 492Special Topics in Advertising00000
AL 333Researching Experience (W)00000
AESC 110AES as a Profession00000
ACM 890Independent Study00000
AFR 152Begin Indiv African Lang II00000
ACC 341Accounting for Management Decision Making00000
AFRE 100Decision-making in the Agri-Food System00000
ADV 325Public Relations Tech & Ethics00000
AFRE 340Food Marketing Research and Analytics00000
ABM 337Labor & Pers Mgt in Agri-Food00000
AFRE 821BCross Section Econometrics II00000
ADV 420New Media Driver's License00000
AFRE 898Master's Research00000
ACC 824Governance and Control of Enterprise Systems00000
AFRE 999Doctoral Dissertation Research00000
ADV 450Portfolio Presentation00000
AL 114Creativity and Innovative Entrepreneurship00000
AAE 452Language of the American Classroom for International Teachin...00000
AL 490Independent Study00000
ADV 815Ethical Practice in Advertising and Public Relations00000
AL 883Practicum in Blended and Online Learning00000
AL 893EReadings in Chicano/Latino Studies00000
ABM 435Fin Mgt in the Agri-Food Sys00000
ACC 890Independent Study00000
ADV 830Seminar in Social Marketing00000
ADV 840Adv & Pub Rel Social Impact00000
ACC 950Seminar in Accounting Research00000
ADV 850Public Relations Management00000
ADV 860Media Relations00000
ABM 100Decision Making in Agri-Food00000
ABM 493Prof Internship in ABM00000
ACM 461Financial Management and Planning of Arts, Cultural and Muse...00000
ADV 890Independent Study00000
AE 192Electrical Wiring III00000
ACM 868NP Law for Arts/Cult Mgmt00000
AESC 291Sel Topics in App Engr Science00000
ACC 308Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting00000
AFR 102BElementary African Language II00000
ADV 205Principles of Advertising00000
AFR 202BSecond Year African Lang II00000
ABM 225Commodity Marketing I00000
AFR 450BAdvanced African Language00000
ADV 245Multimedia Commercial Production00000
AFRE 203Data Analysis for the Agri-Food System00000
ACC 493Internship00000
AFRE 303Managerial Economics00000
ADV 334International Advertising00000
AFRE 445Strategic Management for Food and Agribusiness Firms (W)00000
AAE 223Reading for Academic Purposes for Non-Native Speakers of Eng...00000
AFRE 805Microeconomic Analysis00000
ADV 402Public Relations Topics in Advertising00000
AFRE 835Introductory Econometrics00000
ACC 821Enterprise Database Systems00000
AFRE 890Independent Study00000
ADV 428Advanced Creative00000
AFRE 900AApplied Microeconomics I00000
ABM 410Advanced Seminar in ABM00000
AFRE 961Adv Agric Development Econ00000
ADV 436Promotions and Sponsorships00000
AIIS 491Topics Amer Indian Indigenous00000
ACC 827Accounting Analytics00000
AL 110Writing and Civic Life00000
ADV 481Retail Strategy Analysis00000
AL 242Intro to Experience Arch00000
AAAS 899Master's Thesis Research00000
AL 444Prototyping Experience Arch00000
ADV 800Advertising and Public Relations Theory00000
AL 493BArts & Letters International00000
ACC 843Value Chain Accounting and Analytics00000
ADV 893Practicum00000
ACM 464Ed/Outrch Arts/Culture Mgmt00000
ADV 900Media & Info Theory Building00000
ADV 921Media Theory00000
ACC 230Survey of Accounting Concepts00000