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ISU Course Reviews

Iowa State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COMS 227Object-oriented Programming3.6344.45
ECON 101Principles of Microeconomics2.32.822.54
CHEM 167General Chemistry for Engineering Students3.34.32.723
CPRE 185Introduction to Computer Engineering and Problem Solving I4.54552
CPRE 281Digital Logic4.5443.52
SE 185Problem Solving in Software Engineering4.544.552
COMS 311Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms1.
MATH 166Calculus II2.52.5222
LIB 160Information Literacy15111
IE 463XIntro Engr&Sys Mgmt54551
IE 577Human Factors32331
ME 345Engineering Dynamics21221
ENGL 314Technical Communication43441
FIN 510Advanced Corporate Finance14111
MATH 165Calculus I32221
ENGL 313Rhetorical Website Design52551
PHYS 231XIntr Classc Phys I22221
IE 305Engineering Economic Analysis54551
MUSIC 361Conducting I12221
RELIG 205World Religions55531
THTRE 106Introduction to the Performing Arts54551
MATH 267Elementary Differential Equations and Laplace Transforms32331
IE 432Industrial Automation43451
IE 271Applied Ergonomics and Work Design35441
IE 312Optimization42441
IE 148Information Engineering43451
IE 361Statistical Quality Assurance42351
IE 341Production Systems34331
IE 248Engineering System Design, Manufacturing Processes and Speci...43341
ENGL 250Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Composition54451
ENGR 160Engineering Problems with Computer Applications Laboratory22221
CPRE 288Embedded Systems I: Introduction42431
NREM 120Introduction to Renewable Resources45441
CHEM 163College Chemistry42341
IE 222Design & Analysis Methods for System Improvements32241
COMS 228Introduction to Data Structures22251
AECL 454Principles of Wildlife Disease00000
ACCT 483Application and Communication in Managerial Accounting00000
AECL 458Ornithology00000
AECL 486Aquatic Ecology00000
ABE 490BA B E Independent Study: Biorenewable Resources00000
ACCT 488Governmental and Non-profit Institution Accounting00000
AECL 516Avian Ecology00000
AECL 531Conservation Biology00000
ACCT 497Introduction to Auditing00000
AECL 586LAquatic Ecology Laboratory00000
AECL 698Animal Ecology Teaching Practicum00000
ABE 403Modeling, Simulation, and Controls for Agricultural and Biol...00000
ABE 556GIS Programming and Automation00000
ACCT 515XAccounting Analytic00000
AERE 161HNumerical, Graphical and Laboratory Techniques for Aerospace...00000
AERE 290CAerospace Engineering Independent Study: Other00000
ACCT 580BCpa Exam Prep-Bec00000
AERE 321Flight Structures Analysis00000
AERE 361Computational Techniques for Aerospace Design00000
ABE 598Technical Communications for a Master's Degree00000
ACCT 584Advanced Accounting Information Systems00000
AERE 411Aerospace Vehicle Propulsion00000
AECL 442Aquaculture00000
ACCT 386Intermediate Accounting I00000
AECL 457LHerpetology Laboratory00000
ABE 490MA B E Independent Study: Advanced Machinery Systems Engineer...00000
AECL 459Mammalogy00000
ACCT 485Principles of Federal Income Tax00000
AECL 486LAquatic Ecology Laboratory00000
ABE 388Sustainable Engineering and International Development00000
AECL 520Fisheries Science00000
ACCT 495Advanced Accounting Problems00000
AECL 542Aquaculture00000
ABE 490LA B E Independent Study: Land & Water Resources Engineering00000
AECL 599Creative Component00000
ACCT 515Accounting Analytics00000
AERE 160HAerospace Engineering Problems With Computer Applications La...00000
ABE 271Engineering Applications of Parametric Solid Modeling00000
AERE 261Introduction to Performance and Design00000
ACCT 580DCpa Exam Prep-Reg00000
AERE 301Flight Experience00000
ABE 578Wood Frame Structural Design00000
AERE 344Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory00000
ACCT 581Accounting for Decision Making00000
AERE 398Cooperative Education00000
ABE 413Fluid Power Engineering00000
AERE 422Vibrations and Aeroelasticity00000
ACCT 587Volunteer Income Tax Assistance00000
AERE 429XPentrat Radiatn Nde00000
AERE 442V/STOL Aerodynamics and Performance00000
ABE 601Graduate Seminar00000
ACCT 589Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting00000
AERE 446Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
AERE 451Astrodynamics II00000
ACCT 591Fraud Examination and Prevention00000
AERE 462Design of Aerospace Systems00000
AERE 463Introduction to Multidisciplinary Design Optimization00000
ABE 170Engineering Graphics and Introductory Design00000
ABE 316Applied Numerical Methods for Agricultural and Biosystems En...00000
ABE 418Fundamentals of Engineering Review00000
ABE 690Advanced Topics00000
ACCT 596Accounting in the Global Economy00000
AERE 466Multidisciplinary Engineering Design00000
AERE 483Aeroacoustics00000