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CSUS Course Reviews

California State University, Sacramento

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSC 131Computer Software Engineering3.734.343
PSYC 135Psychology of Multicultural Groups44.5442
GOVT 1Essentials Of Government3.52.5342
GEOG 109Geographic Information Systems3.542.53.52
PSYC 121Methods and Statistics in Psychological Research32451
BIO 100Introduction to Scientific Analysis55351
HIST 166Popular Culture54551
PSYC 191Ethics in Behavior Analysis54551
ANTH 147Peoples of Southeast Asia43541
WOMS 120Mother Woman Person45541
SOC 125Social Inequalities55441
GEOL 130Oceanography55431
GEOG 141Geography of Economic Activity45441
GEOG 3Introduction to Maps and Geographic Technologies32231
GEOG 102Ideas and Skills in Geography32221
GEOG 196UGeography of Housing in the United States43541
JOUR 30News Writing54441
ANTH 4Language, Culture, and Critical Thinking54531
HIST 107History of the Physical Sciences42531
CRJ 163Leadership in Criminal Justice and Public Safety55531
GEOG 118Earth Transformed43321
BIO 22Introductory Human Anatomy53551
INTD 25Design Fundamentals22431
SOC 134Sociology of Film55551
CSC 174Advanced Database Management Systems54551
PSYC 129Behavioral Research Methods43341
GEOG 148Urban and Regional Planning53551
CSC 130Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis32451
BIO 184General Genetics53531
ENGL 20College Composition II53351
CPE 64Introduction to Logic Design43541
GEOG 145Population Geography32231
CSC 135Computing Theory and Programming Languages11421
GEOG 117Landforms44231
HIST 165American Environmental History53551
MATH 100Applied Linear Algebra55441
ENGL 110ALinguistics and the English Language53451
CSC 190Senior Project: Part I55451
CE 38BOperation of Wastewater Treatment Plants II00000
ART 153Hand-Built Ceramic Techniques00000
CE 137Water Resources Engineering00000
CE 150LEnvironmental Engineering Laboratory00000
ANTH 157Human Variation00000
ART 192ASenior Seminar in Studio Art00000
CE 170LSoil Mechanics Laboratory00000
CE 190Senior Project00000
ART 222Studio Critique Seminar00000
CE 231AComputer Methods of Structural Analysis I00000
CE 268Pre-stressed Concrete Bridge Design00000
ALS 54BAcademic Strategies-ECS: Computer Science 2000000
ANTH 176Museums, Culture, and Society00000
ASIA 110Anthropology of Contemporary Asia00000
CHDV 30Human Development00000
CHDV 138LSocial and Emotional Development Laboratory00000
ASTR 131The Solar System and Space Exploration00000
CHDV 194Cooperative Education Experience00000
CHDV 250Quantitative Research Methods00000
CE 1Civil Engineering Seminar00000
ART 145Advanced Printmaking Studio00000
CE 131Hydrology00000
ANTH 201Anthropological Theory00000
ATIC 83Women's Gymnastics00000
CHEM 24Organic Chemistry Lecture I00000
CE 147Transportation Engineering00000
ART 179Small Metals Studio00000
CE 163Structural Steel Design00000
ALS 52GAcademic Strategies - ALS: English 40A00000
CE 172Design of Urban Water and Sewer Systems00000
ART 196UIntroduction to Curatorial Studies00000
CE 196MGroundwater Engineering00000
ANTH 165Applied Anthropology00000
CE 261Transportation Planning00000
ART 289Sculpture Studio00000
CE 280CGeotechnical Modeling00000
ACCY 261Cost Analysis and Control00000
CHDV 132Fieldwork in Child Development00000
ASIA 195Internship: Asian Studies00000
CHDV 144Community Service Learning in Developmental and Educational...00000
ANTH 190Advanced Topics in Linguistic Anthropology00000
CHDV 244Community Service Learning in Developmental and Educational...00000
ATIC 63Men's Track and Field00000
CHEM 1BGeneral Chemistry II00000
ALS 57DAcademic Strategies-SSIS: Psychology 200000
CHEM 124Organic Chemistry Lecture II00000
ATIC 167Coaching of Football00000
CHEM 141Physical Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 160BMetabolism and Regulation of Biological Systems00000
ANTH 210Research Design in Anthropology Seminar00000
BHON 107Business Finance00000
CHEM 198HChemistry Honors Thesis00000
CHEM 251Topics in Interdisciplinary Chemistry00000
BHON 150Entrepreneurship and Innovation00000
CHEM 500Culminating Experience00000
CHIN 130Introduction to Classical and Literary Chinese00000
ACCY 121Cost Accounting00000
AERO 1BHeritage and Values of the United States Air Force II00000
ALS 199Special Problems00000
ANTH 278Internship00000
BIO 7Introduction to the Science of Biology00000
CM 21Construction Graphics00000