Worcester State Course Reviews

Worcester State University

TH 321Rehearsal and Performance43441
CM 105Media Writing33241
CM 150Photography I53541
CM 325Community Media Production53551
CJ 325Capital Punishment00000
EN 102College Writing II00000
EN 345American Women Writers00000
GE 102Human Geography00000
BI 104The Human Animal Laboratory00000
CM 180Introduction to Advertising00000
HC 202Intro to Global Health00000
ED 400Inclusive Early Chld Ed Prek-200000
CH 203Organic Chemistry Laboratory I00000
EN 202Honors Composition*00000
BA 510Information Technology00000
EV 344Soil Biology00000
CJ 360Program Evaluation00000
GS 101Physical Geography00000
BA 318Principles of Marketing00000
BI 161Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
HE 193FYS:Injury Prevention00000
CM 359Documentary Production00000
CM 416Media Law and Ethics00000
BA 376Auditing00000
BI 271Basic Kinesiology00000
CS 140Introduction to Programming00000
ED 348Teaching Children's Literature00000
CD 115Normal Dev of Speech/Language00000
ED 480Practicum Tchg Secondary Sch00000
BA 480Legal Environment of Business00000
EN 170Search for Identity00000
CJ 305Prin of Evidence & Proof00000
EN 256Creative Writing: Fiction00000
BA 300Organization Theory00000
EN 425Independent Study in English00000
CJ 335Comparative Crim Justice Syst00000
FR 211Intermediate French II00000
BA 560Leadership Theory00000
GE 299ST: Web Mapping00000
CJ 408Directed Study: Cj 20800000
GS 335Hydrogeology00000
AR 2353D Sculpture Studio00000
HC 415Comm Health Plan and Promotion00000
CM 241Understanding Movies00000
HE 225Advanced Nutrition*00000
BA 370Intermediate Acct I00000
CM 396Video Editing00000
BI 200Human Biology00000
CS 120Microcomputer Applications00000
AR 330Intermediate Printmaking00000
BI 340Plant Sciences00000
CS 248Algorithm Analysis00000
CS 286Database Design & Applications00000
CS 373Operating Systems00000
BA 404Corporate Finance00000
BI 380Biodiv & Conservation Biology00000
CS 448Software Dev Capstone00000
ED 104MTEL Prep Math Port Gen Curr00000
BT 410Biotechnology Seminar00000
ED 375Preprac EL:Cl Mgt Fam Com Eng00000
BA 429Integrated Marketing Commnctns00000
ED 425Sem: Applying Ed Principles00000
CD 490Ind Study: Comm Disorders00000
ED 573Inst Des & Eval Mid-Sec00000
BA 210Financial Accounting I00000
EN 164Fantasy, Faerie and Folk00000
CJ 211Victimology00000
EN 180Kerouac and the Beats00000
BA 490Business Strategy and Policy00000
EN 220Survey of English Lit I00000
CJ 320Criminal Procedure00000
EN 318Romantic Literature00000
AR 150Life Studio I00000
EN 362Shakespeare II00000
CJ 331Research Methods in Crim Just00000
ET 100Introduction to Ethnic Studies00000
BA 521Consumer Behavior00000
EV 420Adv Geoscience Resea & Fieldwk00000
CJ 340ST:Homeland Security00000
FR 341Intro to French Literature00000
BA 305Organizational Behavior00000
GE 240Energy Conservation00000
CJ 399Ind Study: Criminal Justice00000
GE 408Directed Study: Ge 29900000
BA 590Integrated Business Strategy00000
GS 250Hydrology00000
CM 110Public Speaking00000
GS 410Ind Study: Geography00000
AC 513Advanced Auditing Theory00000
HC 234Multiculturalism and Health00000
CM 200Writing for Communication00000
HE 100Personal Health00000
BI 125Women in Science H*00000
EC 150Statistics00000
BI 451Nuclear Instrumentation I00000
EC 301Economic Development00000
EC 308International Trade00000
AB 102Beginning Arabic II00000
AR 123Design Fundamentals00000
AR 408Directed Study: Ar 22500000