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WCUPA Course Reviews

West Chester University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CLS 333Latina Writing45431
WRT 120Effective Writing I44441
CSD 329Speech & Voice Disorders31351
PSY 257Theories of Personality33331
ECO 111Principles of Economics (Macro)44451
WRT 205Critical Writing: Investigating Experience54441
HIS 102History of Civilization II32331
MAT 113Algebra and Functions55541
FYE 100First Year Experience- Education55341
HON 110Civic Engagement and Theories of Leadership45431
ECO 251Business Analytics I00000
DST 357Deaf Culture Perspectives00000
CRJ 410Independent Studies in Criminal Justice00000
COM 209Principles & Practice of Public Speaking I00000
ECO 351Business Analytics II00000
CRJ 582Controversial Criminal Jurisprudence00000
EDA 325Culturally Responsive Teaching for Diverse Exceptional Learn...00000
EDA 523Curriculum/Instruction for Individual Learning Differences I...00000
CRW 305Creative Nonfiction Workshop I00000
EDC 560Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Counselors00000
EDE 605Educational Leadership & Change Theory00000
CLS 258Women's Literature I00000
COM 325Strategic Social Media00000
CSC 468Introduction to Cloud Computing00000
EDF 593Transformative Curriculum Theory and Evaluation00000
EDH 570Program Development and Implementation in Higher Education a...00000
DPA 801Dissertation Seminar I: Research Questions and Framing the L...00000
CRJ 312White Collar Crime00000
ECE 511Trends and Issues in ECE00000
CLT 441Advanced Clarinet Priv Lesson (B.M.)00000
ECO 341Public Finance00000
CRJ 526Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement00000
EDA 203Field: Students with Exceptionalities00000
CHO 541Applied Choral Conducting I00000
EDA 429Communication Development and Assistive Technologies for Stu...00000
CRL 371Forensic Chemistry Lab00000
EDC 531Theories of American College Student Development00000
COM 250Intercultural Communication00000
EDD 804Education Research Experience IV: Findings and Conclusions00000
CSC 241Data Structures & Algorithms00000
EDF 511Foundations of Transformative Education00000
CHE 450Internship in Chemistry00000
EDH 540Transformative Leadership in Higher Education00000
CSC 530Data Structures00000
CLS 280Languages of Modernism00000
EDO 400Environmental Sustainability Educ: History, Theory & Practic...00000
COM 387Friendship Communication00000
CSC 603Advanced Seminar in Security00000
CSD 111American Sign Language II00000
COM 403Persuasion00000
CSD 207Introduction to Phonetics00000
CSD 348Hearing Disorders Laboratory00000
CHE 491Seminar in Chemistry00000
CLS 369Literature and Film00000
COM 440Friendship Communication00000
CSD 463Seminar VI in Communicative Disorders00000
CSW 131Introduction to Web Design00000
DPA 703Advanced Public Sector Economic and Financial Decision Makin...00000
CRJ 268Private Security00000
DPA 804Dissertation Seminar IV: Findings and Recommendations00000
CLT 371Private Lesson00000
ECE 407Diversity Perspectives in Early Childhood Education00000
CRJ 360Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice00000
ECE 598Workshop In Early Childhood Education00000
CHO 312Cantari Donne00000
ECO 334Labor Economics00000
CRJ 503Criminal Behavior And The Law00000
ECO 346Game Theory00000
CLT 502Clarinet Minor Private Lesson00000
ECO 412Internship00000
CRJ 570Gender, Crime and Justice00000
EDA 304Special Ed Processes/Procedures for Secondary Educators00000
CHE 424Advanced Analytical Chemistry00000
EDA 375Autism Studies: Assessment & Instruction I00000
CRL 107General Chemistry Lab for Allied Health Sciences00000
EDA 517Technology and Universal Design for Learning00000
COM 215Organizational Communication00000
EDC 503Professional Orientation to Counseling00000
CRW 201Introduction to Creative Writing00000
EDC 556Career Development Theories and Practices00000
CLS 165Introduction to World Literature00000
EDC 567Group Dynamics00000
CSC 115Introduction to Computer Programming00000
EDE 556Developmental Perspectives on Learning and Teaching00000
COM 304Organizational Communication00000
EDF 500Methods & Materials Of Research In Educa00000
CSC 336Data Communications and Networking II00000
EDF 580History Of American Education00000
CHE 104General Chemistry II00000
EDH 515Theories of College Student Identity Development00000
CSC 490Independent Project in Computer Science00000
EDH 555Program Development and Evaluation in Higher Education00000
COM 344Rhetorical Criticism00000
COM 470Intercultural Communication Training00000
DAN 134Beginner's Ballet00000
DAN 138Hip Hop Dance I00000
CLT 141Advanced Clarinet Private Lesson (B.M.)00000
COM 510Culture, Media And Representation00000
DAN 233Jazz Dance II00000
DAN 315Dance Pedagogy00000