USU Course Reviews

Utah State University

MIS 1100Excel for Business Analysis45351
HDFS 3350Family Finance55451
PSC 4810Climate and Climate Change31441
ASTE 3050Technical and Professional Communication Principles14111
PHYS 1800Physics of Technology12111
GEO 3100Natural Disasters45341
CMST 5250Communication, Social Justice, and the Environment53551
FIN 3200Financial Management54551
CS 1410Introduction to Computer Science--CS 212131
CMST 5000Studies in Communication Studies52551
DATA 1100Excel for Business Analysis45351
ITLS 4110Project and Product Management33331
DATA 3500Introduction to Python Programming44451
DATA 3400Data Visualization with Tableau42451
CMST 5800Communication Studies Senior Capstone33331
ANTH 3360Utah Archaeology00000
ADVS 5500Applied Animal Nutrition00000
ANTH 4200The Anthropology of War00000
ANTH 5310Archaeology Laboratory00000
ADVS 3150Equin Assis Act/Therapies(Cel)00000
ADVS 6090Sheep Management and Wool Technology00000
ANTH 6190Applied Anthropology Practicum00000
ANTH 6650Developing Societies00000
ADVS 6500Applied Animal Nutrition00000
APEC 2500Commodity Futures and Options Trading and Analysis00000
APEC 5015Firm Management, Planning, and Optimization00000
ANTH 3300Archaeology in North America00000
ADVS 5190Equine Business Management00000
ANTH 4110Southwest Indian Cultures, Past and Present00000
ADVS 2600Riding Fundamentals II--Western00000
ANTH 4980History and Theories of Anthropology00000
ADVS 5910Animal-Assisted Interventions and Special Populations00000
ANTH 5650Developing Societies00000
ACCT 6560Businees Law and Professional Responsibilities00000
ANTH 6350Archaeological Theory00000
ADVS 6190Equine Business Management00000
ANTH 6950Archaeology Special Topics/Seminar00000
ADVS 3520Equine Nutrition and Exercise Physiology00000
APEC 4010Intermediate Microeconomics00000
ADVS 6600Advanced and Molecular Toxicology00000
ACCT 6105Taxes: Planning and Strategy00000
APEC 5940U.S. Agricultural Policy Analysis00000
ACTG 0100QuickBooks Applications00000
ADVS 3690* Administrative Issues in Providing Equine-Assisted Service...00000
ADVS 6700Epigenetics00000
APEC 6140Decision Making and Strategy00000
APEC 6510Introduction to Environmental Economics00000
ADVS 6850Seminar in Veterinary Pathology and Histopathology00000
APEC 7130Microeconomic Theory I00000
APEC 7310Econometrics I00000
ADVS 1110Introduction to Animal Science00000
ADVS 3910St: Horsemanship Assistantship00000
ADVS 7510Digestion And Metabolism In Ruminants00000
ADVS 7520Veterinary Physiology II00000
ADVS 4210Applied Reproduction and Artificial Insemination00000
ADVS 7536Veterinary Bacteriology00000
ADVS 7545General Pathology00000
ANTH 3225Sex, Evolution, and Health00000
ADVS 5090Sheep Management and Wool Technology00000
ANTH 3340Geographic Information Science for Anthropology00000
ADVS 2250Cooperative Work Experience00000
ANTH 3710St: Children's Folklore(Ci)00000
ADVS 5280Animal Molecular Biology00000
ANTH 4160Evolution of Religion: The Cognitive Science of Religion and...00000
ACCT 6440Taxation of Flow-Through Entities00000
ANTH 4250Behavioral Ecology00000
ADVS 5650Science Communication00000
ANTH 5195* Interfaith Leadership Practicum Experience00000
ADVS 2800Riding Fund For Instruct (Cel)00000
ANTH 5330Geoarchaeology00000
ADVS 6060Genetics of Metabolic syndromes00000
ANTH 5980Senior Project00000
ACCT 4510Auditing Principles and Techniques00000
ANTH 6320Zooarchaeology00000
ADVS 6120Swine Management00000
ANTH 6390Cultural Resources Management Policy00000
ADVS 3200Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology00000
ANTH 6800Museum Development00000
ADVS 6350Introductory Pharmacology and Pharmacokinetics00000
APEC 1600Natural Resources and American Economic Institutions00000
ACCT 6900Independent Reading and Research00000
APEC 3020Firm Finance and Records Analysis00000
ADVS 6530Nutrient Metabolization & Utilization00000
APEC 4900Directed Readings, Research, or Seminar Series00000
ADVS 3650Live Animal and Carcass Evaluation00000
APEC 5330Applied Econometrics00000
ADVS 6650Science Communication00000
APEC 6040Production Economics, Applied Risk Analysis and Simulation00000
ACCT 3310Strategic Cost Management00000
APEC 6300Quantitative Analysis for Business and Policy Decisions00000
ADVS 6810Seminar in Toxicology00000
APEC 6910Independent Research00000
ADVS 3750Equine Behavior and Training II00000
ACCT 6250Accounting Concepts, Research, and Cases00000
ADVS 1600Riding Fundamentals I00000
ADVS 4230Sup Teach in Equine Activ(Cel)00000
ADVS 7680Seminar in Veterinary Pathology and Histopathology00000
AG 4250Advanced Internship and Cooperative Experience00000
ADVS 4270Internship in Equine Industry00000
ALC 6800Ancient Language Laboratory00000