USF Course Reviews

University of South Florida

ENT 3613Creativity and Innovation ENT55552
MAD 2104Discrete Math434.542
CHM 4274Introduction to Drug Discovery53551
GEY 3601Physical Changes and Aging52341
MAS 3105Linear Algebra52431
MAP 2302Differential Equations44431
MGF 3301Bridge to Abstract Mathematics44331
JPN 1120Modern Japanese I54541
FIN 4504Principles of Investments42441
MAP 4341Intro Partial Diff Equations22431
ENT 4244Scalability-Entrepreneur Firms11111
PCB 3043Principles of Ecology45321
PHY 2048General Physics I53451
GEY 2000Introduction to Aging Sciences52341
FIN 4453Fin. Modeling and Analytics54451
EEL 3705Fundamental of Digital Circuit53441
CLP 4941Community Practicum Mental Hlt00000
CHM 6811Chemistry Assessment Practices00000
CLT 3511Greece and Rome in World Film00000
CNT 6806Network Science00000
CHI 3242Adv Chinese Conversation II00000
CHS 2440LGen Chem for Engineers Lab00000
COM 4022Health Communication00000
COM 4710Writing Lives00000
CIS 3433Sys Integration & Architecture00000
COP 2030Programming Concepts00000
CLP 4134Abnormal Child Psychology00000
CHM 6263Adv Org Chem II: Phys-Org00000
CLP 6937Intro To Clinical00000
CHI 1100Practical Chinese00000
CNT 4411Computing and Network Security00000
CHM 6971Thesis: Master's00000
COM 3110Comm For Business/Professions00000
CGN 5933Water Resources Engineering II00000
COM 4124Comm and Organizational Change00000
CHT 3520Chinese Film00000
COM 6306Action Research00000
CHM 2045LGeneral Chemistry I Lab00000
CIS 4212Trustworthy Infrastructures00000
COP 3259Advanced JAVA00000
COP 3718Database Systems Design00000
COP 4530Data Structures00000
CES 6230Advanced Structural Mechanics00000
CGN 6945Graduate Research Methods00000
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry II00000
CIS 4345Data Stg & Anlys with Hadoop00000
COP 4663Mobil Apps00000
COP 4931Python for IT00000
CIS 4510IT Project Management00000
COT 3100Intro to Discrete Structures00000
COT 4400Analysis Of Algorithms00000
CGN 7915Directed Research00000
CHM 3610LIntermed Inorganic Chem Lab00000
CIS 4900Ind Study in Computer Science00000
CIS 4916CyS&IT Research Seminar00000
CHM 4070Hist Perspectives in Chem00000
CIS 4947Industry Internship for IT00000
CLA 3124Daily Life in Ancient Rome00000
CHM 5931Separations Chemistry00000
CLP 4314Health Psychology00000
CGS 3847e-Commerce w/SAP00000
CLP 6438Assessment & Human Development00000
CHM 6480Quantum Mechanics I00000
CLT 3040Scientific/Medical Terminology00000
CGN 4851Concrete Construction Material00000
CNT 4104Computer Info Networks for IT00000
CHM 6938Intro to Medicinal Chemistry00000
CNT 4603Sys Admin and Maintenance00000
CHI 2220Modern Chinese III00000
COM 3014Communication/Gender/Identity00000
CHM 7820Directed Research00000
COM 4016Public Memory00000
CES 6010Structural Life Prediction00000
COM 4050Globalization & Demo Discourse00000
CHS 4411Chemistry/Microbiology of Beer00000
COM 4414Race & Gender in Pop Film & TV00000
CHI 4930Cross-cultural Communication00000
COM 6017Gender in the Workplace00000
CIS 3362Cryptography and Info Security00000
COM 7325Critical Methods00000
CGN 6906Independent Study00000
COP 2700DB Systems00000
CIS 4200Penetration Testing for IT00000
COP 3375LData Struct&Algortms w/Pyt Lab00000
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry I00000
COP 4313Symbolic Computations in Math00000
CIS 4250Ethical Issues/Profess Conduct00000
COP 4610Operating Systems for IT00000
CES 4605Concepts of Steel Design00000
COP 4883Java Programming for IT00000
CIS 4365Computer Security Policies00000
COP 6611Operating Systems00000
CHM 3120CElementary Analytical Chem00000
CIS 6373Fdtns of Software Sec00000
CES 6609Advanced Steel Design00000
CGS 2060Intro to Computer Programming00000
CHM 4230Spectroscopic Anyl Org Compnds00000
CIS 6930Deep Learning00000
CIS 6971Thesis: Master's00000
CHM 4300Biomolecules I00000