UNLV Course Reviews

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

PHIL 242Ethics for Engineers and Scientists43.74.74.73
PSY 341Foundations of Abnormal Psychology53551
CS 302Data Structures43441
COM 418XThe Rhetoric of Science54551
PHIL 114Introduction to Symbolic Logic43331
BIOL 100General Biology for Non-Majors11111
ANTH 440EArchaeology of Mexico and Central America54441
JPN 114Elementary Japanese II43551
STAT 411Statistical Methods I32231
EE 220Circuits I33341
KIN 391Exercise Physiology12131
CEE 250Sustainability in Civil and Environmental Engineering42451
JPN 113Elementary Japanese I53551
EE 221LCircuits II Laboratory33441
FILM 216Introduction to Screenwriting55531
BIOL 251General Microbiology22441
EE 221Circuits II22321
CS 138XComputer Science I Python55551
AIS 301Selected Topics in Asian Studies00000
ABS 331*Environmental Control Systems I00000
AIS 478BIslamic and Middle Eastern History Since 175000000
ANTH 193Essentials of Data Analysis for Anthrop00000
AAI 353History of Architectural Interiors I00000
ABS 640Structures For Architects II00000
ANTH 403Anthropology of Women and Men00000
ANTH 449CLaboratory Methods in Archaeology00000
AIIS 494ANative American Literature00000
AAS 491Early African-American Literature00000
AIS 443Modern Chinese Culture through Film00000
AAI 180Design Foundation I00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ABS 521Construction Technologies I00000
ANTH 330Cultures of Exploitation, Slavery, and Terrorism00000
AAE 493Independent Study00000
ANTH 443Environmental Archaeology00000
ACC 202Managerial Accounting00000
AAI 450Designed Environment and Human Behavior00000
ANTH 466Human Nutrition: Past, Present, and Future00000
ACC 406Auditing in the Gaming Industry00000
ANTH 475Evolutionary Medicine00000
ANTH 499Independent Research00000
ACC 412*Fraud Examination00000
ANTH 638Ethnographic Field Methods00000
ANTH 643Environmental Archaeology00000
AAE 282Design Foundation III00000
AAE 660Issues in Contemporary Urbanism00000
AAI 474Interior Design IV00000
ACC 481Accounting Internship00000
ANTH 655Archaeological Theory00000
ANTH 673RAnthropology of Violence00000
ACC 602Financial Reporting II00000
ANTH 703Core Concepts in Anthropology00000
ANTH 744Identity, Culture and Power00000
AAE 712LPreparatory Design II00000
AAI 650Designed Environment and Human Behavior00000
ACC 612*Fraud Examination00000
ACC 673Law For Accountants I00000
AIIS 400CNative Americans of the Southwest00000
AAS 433Contemporary Issues in African American Studies00000
AIS 124Philosophical Traditions of Asia00000
AAE 791*Thesis Writing00000
AIS 403XFood and Asian America00000
AAS 633Contemporary Issues in Aftro-American St00000
AIS 449CTopics in Japanese History00000
AAE 480Architectural Design III00000
ANAT 1000Advanced Clinical Anatomical Dissection00000
ABS 440Structures for Architects II00000
ANTH 105Introduction to World Archaeology00000
AAI 322Interior Construction and Detailing00000
ANTH 304Ethnography of Contemporary Mexico00000
ABS 532Environmental Control Systems II00000
ANTH 362Anthropology of Sports00000
AAD 793Independent Study00000
ANTH 441CPeoples and Cultures of Ancient Middle East00000
ABS 793Advanced Independent Study00000
ANTH 448BArchaeological Field Practicum00000
AAI 374Interior Design II00000
ANTH 457Archaeology of Complex Societies and Archaic States00000
ACC 402Financial Reporting II00000
ANTH 467Health and Disease in Antiquity00000
AAE 635Sustainable Design Principles00000
ANTH 491Internship in Anthropology00000
ACC 410Federal Taxation00000
ANTH 626Medical Anthropology00000
AAI 453Built Environment and Human Health00000
ANTH 640EArchaeology of Mexico and Central America00000
ACC 470Auditing and Assurance Services00000
ANTH 649DZooarchaeology Laboratory00000
AAD 267Introduction to Digital Media00000
ANTH 662Human Osteology: Archaeological and Forensic Applications00000
ACC 600Accounting Environment00000
ANTH 700BProseminar II00000
AAI 493Independent Study00000
AAI 691Professional Practice00000
ACC 703Issues in Federal Taxation00000
ACC 705Research Methods in Federal Taxation00000
AAE 382Architectural Design II00000
AAE 756Design Practice Management00000
AAS 101African American Survey00000
ACC 725Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures00000