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Professor Zachary Hamaker Reviews


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Professor Rating

1Awful Prof

Prof: Zachary Hamaker / Fall 2021

Apr 22, 2022

Comments on the course

This is the hardest class I've ever taken; some people pick up on proof-writing quickly, others take a while or never end up getting it. There were people who aced this class while others were close to failing.

Course Content

Entirely writing proofs. It's really only useful for people taking more proof-based classes.

Comments on the professor

Horrible, awful. He's really smart but isn't good at helping students who are struggling and taking a while to get things. He doesn't explain things well; the only people who understood him were those with previous proof-writing experience. I don't know how I passed this class.


Unless you absolutely need this class for your major, don't take it.

Course: MHF 3202Delivery: In personGrade: B-Workload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes
Exam Heavy