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Professor Scott Keeran Reviews


Class Ratings

2Bad Class
5Very Useful

Prof: Scott Keeran / Fall 2021

Oct 9, 2021

Comments on the course

Dr. Keeran does not teach really since it is a flipped classroom style. You watch unhelpful videos on your own time and he does a quick review in class. Then in class, you do a worksheet with others and a 5-minute, 1-question quiz at the end of each lecture. The solutions to the worksheet are released the following day. The exams do not reflect the work done in class or homework.

Course Content

You'll learn the derivative which is extremely useful. You also learn limits and integrals which are nice to know.

Comments on the professor

He does not show you your grade until the end of the semester. Although he tells you how much each one weighs and shows you your scores, so you can self calculate according to the syllabus.


You'll be teaching yourself essentially. Honestly, if you did well in Calc AB high school and don't have to take Calc 2, then skip this class.

Course: MAC 2311Delivery: In personGrade: IncompleteWorkload: LightTextbook Use: No