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Professor Miklos Bona Reviews


Class Ratings

2Bad Class
1Very Hard
3Kinda Interesting
3Kinda Useful

Prof: Miklos Bona / Fall 2021

Oct 2, 2021

Comments on the course

One of the hardest courses I’ve taken. Your grade will depend solely on your exam scores. However, it’s useful for problem solving skills and some concepts can interesting but this is very subjective.

Course Content

You learn how to proof write for math, but more than anything it teaches you problem solving skills. Definitely useful for a STEM major. However, some concepts were very abstract/difficult to comprehend.

Comments on the professor

Bona is a very intelligent guy. That being said, sometimes it seems like he’s too smart for the class and can have a hard time relating to those who are new. He moves quick and grades exams somewhat harshly. Sometimes he will also work out the problem in his head without providing steps along the way which can make it hard to follow.


Even though homework isn’t assigned, DO IT!!!! The textbook is your lifeline and I would recommend reviewing the chapter before and after lecture. Do not fall behind or it makes it even harder to catch up. Might be a good idea to take the class with easier classes to lighten the damage on your GPA.

Course: MHF 3202Delivery: In personGrade: IncompleteWorkload: LightTextbook Use: Yes
Attendance HeavyParticipation HeavyQuiz HeavyExam Heavy