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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GEO 2200Physical Geography3.5521.52
GEO 3427Plants, Health and Spirituality44.54.52.52
GEO 2242Extreme Weather54531
GEO 2200LPhysical Geography Laboratory44221
GEO 2410Social Geography55551
GEO 2500Global and Regional Economies44531
GEO 2006Natural Hazards Geography00000
GEO 2420Introduction to Human Geography00000
GEO 3162CIntroduction to Quantitative Analysis for Geographers00000
GEO 3280Principles of Geographic Hydrology00000
GEO 3341Extreme Floods00000
GEO 3372Conservation of Resources00000
GEO 3452Introduction to Medical Geography00000
GEO 3502Economic Geography00000
GEO 3611Housing, People and Places in a Spatially Diverse America00000
GEO 4167CIntermediate Quantitative Analysis for Geographers00000
GEO 4285Models in Geographic Hydrology00000
GEO 4306CGeography of Vector-borne Diseases00000
GEO 4905Individual Work00000
GEO 4930Senior Seminar00000
GEO 4700Transportation Geography00000
GEO 5920Geography Colloquium00000
GEO 6118Contemporary Geographic Thought and Research00000
GEO 6451Medical Geography00000
GEO 6455Advanced Study Design in Medical Geography00000
GEO 6921How to Survive and Thrive in Academia00000
GEO 6938Selected Topics in Geography: GIS PROGRAMMING00000
GEO 7979Advanced Research00000
GEO 2351Geographical Sciences and Sustainability00000
GEO 2426Pop Music and Culture: a Geographic Perspective00000
GEO 3250Climatology00000
GEO 3315Geography of Crop Plants00000
GEO 3352The Human Footprint on Landscape00000
GEO 3454Peoples and Plagues00000
GEO 3602Urban and Business Geography00000
GEO 3803Geography of Alcohol00000
GEO 4169Spatial Econometrics and Modeling00000
GEO 4300Environmental Biogeography00000
GEO 4554Regional Development00000
GEO 4911Undergraduate Research in Geography00000
GEO 4944Internship00000
GEO 4970Honors Thesis00000
GEO 3334Managing for a Changing Climate00000
GEO 3430Population Geography00000
GEO 3930Special Topics00000
GEO 4281River Forms and Processes00000
GEO 4612Shelter and Care Options for U.S. Elderly00000
GEO 4938Selected Topics in Geography00000
GEO 5305Environmental Biogeography00000
GEO 6119Proposal Writing in Geography00000
GEO 6160Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Geographers00000
GEO 6161Intermediate Quantitative Methods for Geographers00000
GEO 6166Advanced Quantitative Methods for Spatial Analysis00000
GEO 6168Spatial Econometrics and Modeling00000
GEO 6255Climatology00000
GEO 6282Fluvial Morphology00000
GEO 6348Floods Seminar00000
GEO 6408Parks and People00000
GEO 6905Individual Work: INDIVIDUAL WORK - C. SIMMONS00000
GEO 6931Seminar in Cultural and Political Ecology00000
GEO 6971Research for Master's Thesis00000
GEO 7980Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
GEO 4170Communicating Science in the Geosciences00000
GEO 4024CTerrorism and Space00000