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UF Course Reviews

University of Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ANT 3520Skeleton Keys: Forensic Identification54.34.33.73
ANT 3514CIntroduction to Biological Anthropology32.5332
ANT 2410Cultural Anthropology44432
ANT 3153North American Archaeology54.54.542
ANT 3620Language and Culture4442.52
ANT 2301Human Sexuality and Culture43431
ANT 3451Race and Racism54441
ANT 4851Digital Anthropology54431
ANT 2140Introduction to World Archaeology22331
ANT 3141Development of World Civilization12111
ANT 2464Things Your Doctor Never Told You: Intro to Medical Anthropo...44331
ANT 2000General Anthropology00000
ANT 2700Introduction to Applied Anthropology00000
ANT 3162Aztec Civilization00000
ANT 3186Introduction to Zooarchaeology00000
ANT 3364Peoples and Cultures of China00000
ANT 3515Human Evolutionary Anatomy00000
ANT 3703Business Anthropology00000
ANT 3930Junior Topics Class in Anthropology00000
ANT 4110Archaeological Theory00000
ANT 4114Principles of Archaeology00000
ANT 4168Maya Civilization00000
ANT 4194A Critical Archaeology of Time00000
ANT 4266Economic Anthropology00000
ANT 4274Political Anthropology00000
ANT 4336The Peoples of Brazil00000
ANT 4354The Anthropology of Modern Africa00000
ANT 4403Environment and Cultural Behavior00000
ANT 4495Ethnographic Methods00000
ANT 4531Molecular Genetics of Disease00000
ANT 4586Human Evolution00000
ANT 4911Undergraduate Research in Anthropology00000
ANT 4931Capstone in Anthropology00000
ANT 3020Humans and Animals00000
ANT 2402Anthropology of Sustainability00000
ANT 3164The Inca and Their Ancestors00000
ANT 3241Anthropology of Religion00000
ANT 3390Visual Anthropology00000
ANT 3467Food and Culture00000
ANT 3555The Primates00000
ANT 3860Writing in Anthropology00000
ANT 4034History of Anthropological Theory00000
ANT 4112Ideology and Symbolic Approaches in Archaeology00000
ANT 4147CEnvironmental Archaeology00000
ANT 4193Ethnoarchaeology00000
ANT 4213Global Humankind00000
ANT 4273Anthropology of Law00000
ANT 4323People of Mexico and Central America00000
ANT 4352Peoples of Africa00000
ANT 4392Peoples of the Artic00000
ANT 4468Health and Disease in Human Evolution00000
ANT 4530Seminar in Molecular Anthropology00000
ANT 4554CPrimate Evolution00000
ANT 4824Field Sessions in Archaeology00000
ANT 4907Research Projects in Anthropology00000
ANT 4930Special Topics in Anthropology00000
ANT 2149Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents00000
ANT 3181Anthropological Museology00000
ANT 3302Sex Roles: a Cross-Cultural Perspective00000
ANT 3420Consumer Culture00000
ANT 3478Global Health Culture00000
ANT 4006Human Rights and Culture00000
ANT 4113Experimental Archaeology00000
ANT 4180LLaboratory Training in Archaeology00000
ANT 4340Anthropology of the Caribbean00000
ANT 4366Family, Gender and Population in China00000
ANT 4462Culture and Medicine00000
ANT 4525Human Osteology and Osteometry00000
ANT 4552Primate Behavior00000
ANT 4740Introduction to Forensic Science00000
ANT 4905Individual Work00000
ANT 4914Department Honors in Anthropology00000
ANT 4956Overseas Studies in Cultural Anthropology00000
ANT 4484Anthropology of Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Childhood Develo...00000