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UCF Course Reviews

University of Central Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EML 4313Intermediate System Dynamics and Controls 3.223.743
EML 3262Kinematics of Mechanisms 4.74551
EML 4142Heat Transfer 43451
EML 4600HVAC Systems Engineering 3.74341
EML 5060Mathematical Methods in Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering2.72331
EML 3022CIntroduction to Computer Aided Engineering 45451
EML 3500Design and Analysis of Machine Components 43451
EML 3701Fluid Mechanics I 00000
EML 4024CEngineering Design Practice 00000
EML 4143Heat Transfer II 00000
EML 4225HHonors Introduction to Vibrations & Controls 00000
EML 4264Vehicle Dynamics 00000
EML 4306CEnergy Systems Laboratory 00000
EML 4327Digital Manufacturing 00000
EML 4454Turbines for Sustainable Power 00000
EML 4602Applied HVAC Engineering 00000
EML 4804CDigital Control in Mechatronics 00000
EML 4931Mechanical Career and Academic Faculty Advising II 00000
EML 5271Intermediate Dynamics00000
EML 3001CMachine Shop Practice 00000
EML 3034CModeling Methods in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 00000
EML 3101Thermodynamics of Mechanical Systems 00000
EML 3303CMechanical Engineering Measurements 00000
EML 3701HHonors Fluid Mechanics I 00000
EML 4142HHonors Heat Transfer I 00000
EML 4225Introduction to Vibrations and Controls 00000
EML 4260Dynamics of Machinery 00000
EML 4301CMechanical Systems Laboratory 00000
EML 4411Modern Power Generation Systems 00000
EML 4502CEngineering Design II 00000
EML 4841HLocomotion and Design in Natural Systems 00000
EML 5311Systems Control00000
EML 3034HHonors Modeling Methods in MAE 00000
EML 3933Mechanical Career and Academic Faculty Advising I 00000
EML 4501CEngineering Design I 00000
EML 4504Design & Analysis of Machine Components II 00000
EML 4703Fluid Mechanics II 00000
EML 4932Manufacturing Processes for Mech. Comp.00000
EML 5152Intermediate Heat Transfer00000