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UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

CHEM 203Introduction to Organic Chemistry4.544.542
CHEM 120Structure and Bonding in Chemistry (Lecture)4.53.554.86
CHEM 460Organic Synthesis: A Mechanistic Approach4.33551
CHEM 233Organic Chemistry for the Biological Sciences3.73442
CHEM 341Global Challenges: A Chemical Perspective3.35231
CHEM 304Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics33331
CHEM 154Chemistry for Engineering2.41.732.73
CHEM 121Structure and Bonding in Chemistry11111
CHEM 235Organic Chemistry Laboratory34311
CHEM 110Structure, Bonding and Equilibrium in Chemistry (Lecture)45441
CHEM 100Foundations of Chemistry00000
CHEM 130Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Organic Chemistry (Lecture)00000
CHEM 210Introduction to Chemical Analysis (Lecture)00000
CHEM 218Fundamentals of Reactivity in Inorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 250Inorganic Chemistry for Engineers00000
CHEM 301Aqueous Environmental Chemistry00000
CHEM 305Biophysical Chemistry00000
CHEM 313Advanced Organic Chemistry for the Life Sciences00000
CHEM 319Practical Skills for Chemical Research00000
CHEM 329Research Ethics and Data Analysis Skills00000
CHEM 399Co-operative Work Placement II00000
CHEM 403Surface Chemistry and Surface Analysis00000
CHEM 406Polymer Chemistry00000
CHEM 411Synthesis and Chemistry of Natural Products00000
CHEM 417Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry00000
CHEM 445AProjects in Experimental Chemistry - PROJCTS EXP CHEM00000
CHEM 448ADirected Studies in Chemistry - T1 DST CHEMISTRY00000
CHEM 449Seminar and Thesis00000
CHEM 473Structure Determination and Reaction Analysis00000
CHEM 502Advanced Physical Chemistry of the Solid State00000
CHEM 507BTopics in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry - TOP IN PHYS CHEM00000
CHEM 519ATopics in Molecular Spectroscopy - TOP MOL SPECTROS00000
CHEM 528Nanomaterials Characterization00000
CHEM 534Principles of Chemical Separation00000
CHEM 569Advanced Bioorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 649Doctoral Dissertation00000
CHEM 111Structure, Bonding, and Equilibrium in Chemistry00000
CHEM 135Introductory Chemical Laboratory II00000
CHEM 205Physical Chemistry00000
CHEM 213Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 223Introduction to Organic Chemistry (Lecture)00000
CHEM 260Organic Chemistry for Engineers00000
CHEM 302Atmospheric Environmental Chemistry00000
CHEM 311Instrumental Analytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 315Chemistry Integrated Laboratory I00000
CHEM 325Integrated Chemistry Laboratory I00000
CHEM 330Advanced Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 345Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II00000
CHEM 401Principles of Spectroscopy00000
CHEM 404Computational Chemistry00000
CHEM 407Statistical Mechanics in Chemistry00000
CHEM 412Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules00000
CHEM 418Organometallic Chemistry00000
CHEM 434Principles of Chemical Separation00000
CHEM 445CProjects in Experimental Chemistry - PROJCTS EXP CHEM00000
CHEM 448CDirected Studies in Chemistry - DST CHEMISTRY00000
CHEM 461Synthetic Chemical Biology00000
CHEM 499Co-operative Work Placement IV00000
CHEM 506Polymer Chemistry00000
CHEM 516ATopics in Biophysical Chemistry - BIOPHYSICAL CHEM00000
CHEM 524Advanced Applications in Organometallic Chemistry00000
CHEM 535ATopics in Analytical Chemistry - TPCS ANALYT CHEM00000
CHEM 540CSeminar in Chemistry - INORGANIC SEMINR00000
CHEM 549M.Sc. Thesis00000
CHEM 560Organic Chemistry: Building Molecules and Understanding Reactivity00000
CHEM 561Advanced Chemical Biology00000
CHEM 566Advanced Organic Synthesis00000
CHEM 573Application of Spectroscopy to Organic Structural Determinations00000
CHEM 115Introductory Chemical Laboratory I00000
CHEM 123Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Organic Chemistry00000
CHEM 208Coordination Chemistry00000
CHEM 215Introductory Analytical Chemical Laboratory00000
CHEM 225Introductory Synthetic Chemical Laboratory00000
CHEM 245Intermediate Synthetic Chemistry Laboratory00000
CHEM 300Communicating Chemistry00000
CHEM 312Introduction to Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy00000
CHEM 318Principles of Catalysis00000
CHEM 327Introduction to Materials Chemistry00000
CHEM 335Chemistry Integrated Laboratory II00000
CHEM 398Co-operative Work Placement I00000
CHEM 402Diffraction Methods00000
CHEM 405Biophysical Chemistry00000
CHEM 410Properties of Materials00000
CHEM 413Bioorganic Chemistry00000
CHEM 427Applications of Materials Chemistry00000
CHEM 445BProjects in Experimental Chemistry - PROJCTS EXP CHEM00000
CHEM 448BDirected Studies in Chemistry - T2 DST CHEMISTRY00000
CHEM 498Co-operative Work Placement III00000
CHEM 503Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics in Chemistry00000
CHEM 514Crystal Structures00000
CHEM 517Electrochemistry00000
CHEM 527Nanomaterials00000
CHEM 533Bioanalytical Chemistry00000
CHEM 211Introduction to Chemical Analysis00000
CHEM 355Chemistry Integrated Laboratory00000
CHEM 501Applications of Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry00000
CHEM 516BTopics in Biophysical Chemistry - BIOPHYSICAL CHEM00000
CHEM 521BTopics in Inorganic Chemistry - TOP INORGAN CHEM00000
CHEM 529Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry00000