UBC Course Reviews

University of British Columbia

ASIA 319Contemporary Chinese Popular Cultures3.
ASIA 367Contemporary Korean Culture4.54.54.532
ASIA 317The Rise of Korean Civilization43331
ASIA 200Cultural Foundations of East Asia33321
ASIA 345Chinese Film Classics43431
ASIA 101Introduction to Modern Asia00000
ASIA 210Traditions of Yoga00000
ASIA 254Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Japanese Literature and Film00000
ASIA 301Buddhism in the Modern Era00000
ASIA 304Survey of South and Southeast Asian Performing Arts00000
ASIA 314Premodern Japan00000
ASIA 325Hong Kong Cinema00000
ASIA 326Critical Approaches to Manga and Anime00000
ASIA 336Sufi and Bhakti Devotional Literatures00000
ASIA 346ATopics in Japanese Cultural History II: The Early Modern Age - TPCS JAPN CLT II00000
ASIA 347Traditional Korean Literature in Translation00000
ASIA 357Modern Korean Literature in Translation00000
ASIA 375ASIA 382Global Chinese CinemasBuddhism in China00000
ASIA 387Japanese Religions00000
ASIA 389Life Writings of South Asian Diasporic Women00000
ASIA 399Films of the South Asian Diaspora00000
ASIA 407North Korea in Historical Context00000
ASIA 431Tibetan Literature, Genres, and Book Culture00000
ASIA 433Representations of Muslims in Hindi/Urdu Films00000
ASIA 456History and Culture of Taiwan00000
ASIA 461Gender and Sexuality in Modern Iranian Narratives00000
ASIA 484The History of the Choson Dynasty00000
ASIA 490EAsian Classics - Fourth Year Seminar - ASIA CLSSCS SEM00000
ASIA 491India and the Persianate World00000
ASIA 499Honours Thesis00000
ASIA 503AProblems in the History of the Chinese Language - CHIN LANG HIST00000
ASIA 532BTopics in Traditional Japanese Literature - TRAD JAPN LIT00000
ASIA 533ATopics in Modern Japanese Literature - TOP MOD JAPN LIT00000
ASIA 561BProblems of Modernization in Eastern and Southern Asia - MODERN S&E ASIA00000
ASIA 580ADirected Readings - DIRECTED READING00000
ASIA 582AHistory and Structure of the Korean Language - HIST&STRC KORN L00000
ASIA 699Doctoral Dissertation00000
ASIA 110Introduction to the Major Eastern Religions00000
ASIA 212Writing About Japan00000
ASIA 250Introduction to Buddhism00000
ASIA 300Writing and Culture in East Asia00000
ASIA 305Asian Horror Cinema: National Nightmares and Specters of Trauma00000
ASIA 309South Asian Beyond South Asia00000
ASIA 313Tibetan and Himalayan Culture and Society00000
ASIA 315Japan from Feudal to Modern State00000
ASIA 327Korean Popular Music in Context00000
ASIA 333Contemporary South Asian Gender and Sexuality Studies00000
ASIA 342Chinese Literature in Translation: The Vernacular Tradition00000
ASIA 351Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation00000
ASIA 354Introduction to Japanese Cinema00000
ASIA 362APre-Modern Japanese Fiction (in translation) - PREMOD JAPN FCTN00000
ASIA 364AModern Japanese Literature in Translation - MOD JAPN LIT TRN00000
ASIA 371Foundations of Chinese Thought00000
ASIA 388Buddhist, Brahamanical and Jain Philosophers in Interaction00000
ASIA 390History of the Indian Ocean World00000
ASIA 392Classical Persian Literature in English Translation00000
ASIA 395Modern Persian Literature00000
ASIA 410International Relations in Premodern East Asia00000
ASIA 430International Relations in Modern East Asia: Korea and Japan00000
ASIA 441AMasterworks of Chinese Fiction and Drama in Translation - CHIN FIC&DRAM TR00000
ASIA 453Japanese Travel Literature00000
ASIA 463Japanese Documentary Media00000
ASIA 470Comparative Conceptions of the Self00000
ASIA 490ZAsian Classics - Fourth Year Seminar - ASIA CLSSCS SEM00000
ASIA 502AModern Chinese Fiction and Western Criticism - MOD CHIN FIC&W C00000
ASIA 508ATopics in Pre-modern Chinese History and Institutions - TPCS CHIN HIST00000
ASIA 512BAdvanced Readings in Classical Chinese - READ-CLAS CHIN00000
ASIA 521AResearch Methods and Source Materials in Japanese Studies - RESRCH MTHD JAPN00000
ASIA 532ATopics in Traditional Japanese Literature - TRAD JAPN LIT00000
ASIA 546ATopics in South Asian Literature - TOPS S ASIA LIT00000
ASIA 570AApproaches to Asian Literature - APPR TO ASIA LIT00000
ASIA 599BMaster's Thesis - MASTERS THESIS00000
ASIA 100Introduction to Traditional Asia00000
ASIA 270China in World History00000
ASIA 308Myth, Ritual and Epic in Ancient India00000
ASIA 311Tibetan Buddhism00000
ASIA 320History of Early China00000
ASIA 332Confucianism in China and Beyond: Reinventions of Tradition00000
ASIA 334Writing Women in Premodern East Asia00000
ASIA 337The Korean People in Modern Times (1600 to the present)00000
ASIA 340History of Later Imperial China00000
ASIA 353Introduction to Hindi Film00000
ASIA 355History of Chinese Cinema00000
ASIA 372Development of Traditional Chinese Thought00000
ASIA 386Chinese Grammar and Usage I00000
ASIA 394Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema00000
ASIA 396Chinese Grammar and Usage II00000
ASIA 398Narrative Literature in Premodern India00000
ASIA 411Chinese Political Thought and Institutions00000
ASIA 444Topics in Modern Japanese Fiction and Cultural History00000
ASIA 457The Modern Korean Novel00000
ASIA 464Japanese Women's Self-Writing00000
ASIA 465Japanese Horror00000
ASIA 490DAsian Classics - Fourth Year Seminar - ASIA CLSSCS SEM00000
ASIA 490HAsian Classics - Fourth Year Seminar - ASIA CLSSCS SEM00000
ASIA 495Folk Cultures in the Asian Diaspora00000
ASIA 510BMonastic Biography and Hagiography in East Asian Buddhism - MON BIO&HAG BUDH00000
ASIA 514BTopics in Modern Chinese Literature - TPCS MOD CHIN LT00000
ASIA 561AProblems of Modernization in Eastern and Southern Asia - MODERN S&E ASIA00000
ASIA 570BApproaches to Asian Literature - APPR TO ASIA LIT00000
ASIA 592The Profession of Asian Studies00000
ASIA 206Modern Islam00000
ASIA 208Cultural Foundations of South Asia00000
ASIA 321Celebrity Culture in Chinese Societies00000
ASIA 335Cantonese Music00000
ASIA 344ATopics in Japanese Cultural History I: Aristocrats and Warri...00000
ASIA 370The Sanskrit Cosmopolis: India and the World, 200-1500 CE00000
ASIA 391An Introduction to the Indo-Persian Cosmopolis/Knowledge Sys...00000
ASIA 402Language, Writing, and Linguistic Thought in the History of...00000
ASIA 447Korean Women's Literature00000
ASIA 490CAsian Classics - Fourth Year Seminar - ASIA CLSSCS SEM00000
ASIA 501AResearch Methods and Source Materials in Classical Chinese S...00000
ASIA 516Race and Ethnicity in Asian Studies00000
ASIA 547Narrative Theory and South Asian Literature00000
ASIA 576BTopics in South Asian Studies - TPC SAS00000
ASIA 581AResearch Methods and Source Materials in Korean Studies - RS...00000
ASIA 583ATopics in Modern Korean Literature - TPCS MOD KORN LT00000
ASIA 211Sex, Sexual Ethics, and Asian Religions00000
ASIA 310CStudies in the History of a Major Asian Civilization - PERSI...00000
ASIA 338India in the Age of Revolutions00000
ASIA 356Korean Cinema00000
ASIA 365Punjabi Cinema00000
ASIA 373History of Hong Kong00000
ASIA 382Buddhism in China00000
ASIA 397The Idea of India00000
ASIA 445Japanese Crime Fiction00000
ASIA 451Modern Chinese Authors in Translation00000
ASIA 488Religion, Society and State in Modern India00000
ASIA 498Asia in Museums/the Museum in Asia00000
ASIA 528AProblems of Japanese Intellectual History - JAPN INTELL HIST00000
ASIA 580BDirected Readings - DIRECTED READING00000
ASIA 591Critical Issues in Asian Studies00000
ASIA 150Asian Internets00000
ASIA 207Classical Islam00000
ASIA 307Korean Language and Writing in Culture and Society00000
ASIA 312Buddhism in Korea00000
ASIA 324Literature of Hong Kong00000
ASIA 330Islam in South Asia00000
ASIA 361Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation II00000
ASIA 375Global Chinese Cinemas00000
ASIA 378Philosophical Wisdom of Early India00000
ASIA 428Mughal India00000
ASIA 448Narrative and Performance in South Asia00000
ASIA 476ZTopics in South Asian Studies - TCS SOUTH ASIA00000
ASIA 511AReadings in Chinese Religious Texts - CHIN RELG TEXTS00000
ASIA 513BTopics in Classical Chinese Literature - TOPICS CHIN LIT00000
ASIA 550ATopics in Early South Asian Civilizations - ERLY S ASIA CIVL00000
ASIA 590Theories and Methods "Thinking with the Body" Embodied Cogni...00000
ASIA 303Mahayana Buddhism00000
ASIA 323History of Cantonese Worlds00000
ASIA 339The Construction of South Asian Communities in the Diaspora00000
ASIA 341Classical Chinese Literature in Translation00000
ASIA 363Fiction and Film from Modern Taiwan00000
ASIA 376The Sikhs: Formations, Contexts, and Historical Development00000
ASIA 384The Zhuangzi (Chuang-Tzu)00000
ASIA 393History of Iran from the Sasanians to the Safavids00000
ASIA 440Cultural History of Imperial China00000
ASIA 450ZSpecial Topics in Buddhist Studies - BUDDHIST STUDIES00000
ASIA 474From the Chronicle to the Archive: Cultures of History in So...00000
ASIA 490FAsian Classics - Fourth Year Seminar - ASIA CLSSCS SEM00000
ASIA 511BReadings in Chinese Religious Texts - CHIN RELG TEXTS00000
ASIA 525ATopics in the Social History of Japanese Religions - TPCS SO...00000
ASIA 541AResearch Methods and Source Materials in South Asian Studies...00000
ASIA 574From the Chronicle to the Archive: Cultures of History in So...00000
ASIA 598Asia in Museums/the Museum in Asia00000