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Professor Hailey Moore Reviews


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Prof: Hailey Moore / Spring 2022

Mar 20, 2022

Comments on the course

First of all, there is no professor. Hailey Moore is the name of the lead TA. I don't say this lightly, but the way these teach this class is HORRIBLE. Actually, they do not teach. Period. No one ever expects a lab to be simple, but Jesus christ. We go to the lab, they show us a couple of reminder slides (nearly indenitcla each week) and vaguely talk OF the lab, but they discuss NOTHING. We are regularly blindsided by the formulas in our lab (work is ENTIRELY online), and they never discuss how to actually use them. There is usually information in the lab, but none of it is actually directions. Mostly its just background info. It shows you the formulas, says when its used, and then basically gives you the middle finger. They introduced theta (trig) brand new without a breath of more

Course Content

No, it wasn't. Especially the Sky Quiz (certain consolations and stars) which is a decent portion of the grade, because they didn't actually tell us the quiz date until two weeks before. The planetarium staff knew the date, or at least spoke like they did and thought we all knew as well, but our TAs didn't make this knowledge available to us until shortly before. It wasn't even in the syllabus. They do drop your two lowest lab scores, which is cool. But for some reason they decided to make the VERY FIRST ASSIGNMENT worth the most, and it involves navigating a website that genuinely takes weeks to understand. I do the coursework and I pass my labs (75-85%), but weeks later I still have a bad grade because of the FIRST assignment. Its not only that I did bad on it (I did), it's worth more

Comments on the professor

Again, NO PROFESSOR. Hopefully it was just this semester. The way the two TAs grade the HW is ridiculous. They regularly tell you to "just do your best" when asking for assistance, or even "yeah that looks right to me", and then they will mark your HW entirely wrong with no explanation. Hailey didn't tell us the Sky Quiz date until right before spring break, and then told us that she would likely be unavailable to answer our emails until we returned.


Pick a different class. If you can't do that, make friends with the people around you. Unless math comes easily to you, you are going to struggle. Don't expect any sort of valuable support from the TAs. The planetarium is very cool though.

Course: ISP 205LDelivery: In person
Assignment Heavy