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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 1LS3Calculus for the Life Sciences I3.63.633.17
MATH 3GR3Abstract Algebra3.32.332.84
MATH 1AA3Calculus For Science II2.523.53.52
MATH 2FM3Introduction To Mathematical Finance444.542
MATH 1A03Calculus For Science I43341
MATH 3U03Combinatorics33331
MATH 1B03Linear Algebra I00000
MATH 1C03Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning00000
MATH 1F03Introduction to Calculus and Analytic Geometry00000
MATH 1K03Advanced Functions & Introductory Calculus for Humanities and the Social Sciences00000
MATH 1LT3Calculus for the Life Sciences II00000
MATH 1M03Calculus for Business, Humanities and the Social Sciences00000
MATH 1MP3Introduction to Mathematical Scientific Computation00000
MATH 1X03Calculus for Math and Stats I00000
MATH 1XA3 A/BProofs in Calculus00000
MATH 1XX3Calculus for Math and Stats II00000
MATH 1ZA3Engineering Mathematics I00000
MATH 1ZB3Engineering Mathematics II-A00000
MATH 1ZC3Engineering Mathematics II-B00000
MATH 2C03Introduction to Differential Equations00000
MATH 2ET3*Theory and Practice of Teaching Mathematics00000
MATH 2L03Mathematical Methods for Business and Social Sciences00000
MATH 2LA3Applied Linear Algebra00000
MATH 2R03Linear Algebra II00000
MATH 2UU3Numbers for Life00000
MATH 2X03Advanced Calculus I00000
MATH 2XX3Advanced Calculus II00000
MATH 2Z03Engineering Mathematics III00000
MATH 2ZZ3Engineering Mathematics IV00000
MATH 3A03Real Analysis I00000
MATH 3B03Geometry00000
MATH 3C03Mathematical Physics I00000
MATH 3CY3Cryptography00000
MATH 3D03Mathematical Physics II00000
MATH 3DC3Discrete Dynamical Systems and Chaos00000
MATH 3ET3 A/B SMathematics Teaching Placement00000
MATH 3F03Ordinary Differential Equations00000
MATH 3FF3Partial Differential Equations00000
MATH 3FM3Mathematics of Finance00000
MATH 3G03Problem Solving00000
MATH 3H03*Number Theory00000
MATH 3I03Partial Differential Equations for Engineering00000
MATH 3IA3Introduction to Analysis00000
MATH 3MB3Introduction to Modelling00000
MATH 3NA3Numerical Linear Algebra00000
MATH 3QC3Introduction to Quantum Computing00000
MATH 3T03Inquiry in Topology00000
MATH 3TP3Truth and Provability00000
MATH 3V03Graph Theory00000
MATH 3X03Complex Analysis I00000
MATH 3Z03Inquiry: History of Mathematics00000
MATH 4A03Real Analysis II00000
MATH 4AT3*Topics in Analysis00000
MATH 4B03*Calculus on Manifolds00000
MATH 4BT3*Topics in Geometry00000
MATH 4E03Galois Theory00000
MATH 4ET3*Topics in Algebra00000
MATH 4FM3Financial Markets and Derivatives00000
MATH 4FT3Topics in Differential Equations00000
MATH 4GR3Groups and Rings00000
MATH 4L03*Introduction to Mathematical Logic00000
MATH 4LT3*Topics in Logic00000
MATH 4MB3Mathematical Biology00000
MATH 4NA3Numerical Methods for Differential Equations00000
MATH 4P06 A/B SSenior Research Project00000
MATH 4TT3*Topics in Topology00000
MATH 4W03Reading in Mathematics00000
MATH 4WW3Reading in Mathematics II00000
MATH 4X03*Complex Analysis II00000
MATH 5GT3Graduate Level Topics in Mathematics00000