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Drexel Course Reviews

Drexel University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 360Programming Language Concepts2.33.31.524
BMES 338Biomedical Ethics and Law131.713
CS 260Data Structures4.33453
CS 171Computer Programming I1.54.51.522
CHEM 101General Chemistry I433.542
ENGR 131Introductory Programming for Engineers4343.52
MIS 200Management Information Systems55552
DSMR 233 [WI]Branding and Retail Strategies44431
CS 303Algorithmic Number Theory and Cryptography32431
CS 361Concurrent Programming55551
CS 283Systems Programming33231
CHE 212Material and Energy Balances II11131
ENVE 300Introduction to Environmental Engineering44331
INFO 210Database Management Systems45451
WRIT 312 [WI]Writing for Target Audiences44331
MEM 255Introduction to Controls44551
CS 277Algorithms and Analysis53531
CS 164Introduction to Computer Science52551
ARTH 101History of Art I: Ancient to Medieval33211
BMES 451Transport Phenomena in Living Systems11111
MIS 364Information Security Systems Management22141
INFO 101Introduction to Computing and Security Technology45431
ENGL 103Composition and Rhetoric III: Themes and Genres53451
CS 370Operating Systems53551
BMES 444Biofluid Mechanics43451
ORGB 300 [WI]Organizational Behavior35331
SE 310Software Architecture I12441
SE 181Introduction to Software Engineering and Development12131
INFO 200Systems Analysis I55551
ENGL 101Composition and Rhetoric I: Inquiry and Exploratory Research54441
PHYS 170Electricity and Motion34211
MIS 347Domestic and Global Outsourcing Management31351
MATH 121Calculus I54451
HIST 251Fascism45421
MIS 346Management Information Systems Strategy44331
DANC 221Survey of Dance and Movement Therapy00000
ARCH 383Architecture Studio 3C00000
DANC 305Modern Dance Technique III00000
DANC 416Survey of Somatic Practices00000
ARCH 141Architecture and Society I00000
ARCH 431 [WI]Architectural Programming00000
DANC I499Independent Study in DANC00000
DSMR 100Computer Imaging I00000
ARCH I199Independent Study in Architecture00000
DSMR 230Textiles for Design and Merchandising00000
DSMR 311Visual Merchandising00000
ANIM 240Lighting & Surfacing00000
ARCH 173Architectural Technology III00000
ARCH T180Special Topics in Architecture00000
DSMR 320Merchandising and Design Directions00000
DSMR 326Fashion Product Promotion00000
DSMR 411Design and Merchandising Portfolio Design00000
DSMR 464Merchandising Analytics00000
DSMR I399Independent Study in Design & Merchandising00000
ARCH 212Architectural Representation II00000
ARTH 300 [WI]History of Modern Design00000
DSMR T380Special Topics in Design & Merchandising00000
DANC 209African Dance Technique II00000
ARCH 379Architectural Technology IX00000
DANC 235Dance Composition I00000
ARCH 107Foundation Design I00000
DANC 316Dance Kinesiology00000
ARCH 396Building Systems VI00000
DANC I299Independent Study in DANC00000
ANIM 221Digital Compositing II00000
DANC T380Special Topics in Dance00000
ARCH 497Thesis II00000
DSMR 211Computer Design for Design and Merchandising00000
ARCH 144Architecture and Society IV00000
ARCH I399Independent Study in Architecture00000
DSMR 315 [WI]Media Merchandising I00000
ANIM 110Digital Imaging for Animation & VFX00000
DSMR 324Retail Intersections: Social & Cultural Issues00000
ARCH T380Special Topics in Architecture00000
ARCH 182Architecture Studio 1B00000
DIGM 110Digital Spatial Visualization00000
DSMR I199Independent Study in Design & Merchandising00000
ARTH 150Art History Research Methods00000
DSMR T180Special Topics in Design & Merchandising00000
ANIM 250Professional Practices for Animation & VFX00000
DIGM 100Digital Design Tools00000
ARTH 303Art of China00000
ARCH 223Materials & Methods III00000
DIGM 223Creative Concept Design00000
ARTH 311Twentieth-Century American Art00000
DIGM 308 [WI]Digital Cultural Heritage00000
DIGM 359Immersive Media Production & Post00000
ARTH 314Contemporary Art00000
DIGM 451 [WI]Explorations in New Media00000
DIGM 492Senior Project in Digital Media I00000
ADGD I499Independent Study in ADGD00000
ANIM 141Computer Graphics Imagery II00000
ANIM 347Organic Modeling II00000
ARCH 225Architectural Representation V00000
ARTH 317Modern Art Theory and Criticism00000
DIGM 494Senior Project in Digital Media III00000
DIGM I399Independent Study in Digital Media00000
ARTH 321Material Matters in Contemporary Art00000
DIGM T280Special Topics in Digital Media00000