Depaul Course Reviews

DePaul University

CSC 361Optimized C++51553
HSP 100Introduction To Hospitality55442
ENG 201Introduction To Creative Writing4.54432
CMN 101Introduction To Human Communication443.542
WRD 104Composition And Rhetoric II44.532.52
LSP 110Discover Chicago44.53.542
CMN 103Intercultural Communication4.543.542
CSC 373Computer Systems I42542
HST 113The World, 1900-Present33321
ART 225Beginning Photography53531
HST 252The Age Of The Cold War: 1945-199155541
PSY 106Introductory Psychology II54441
FCH 104Intermediate French I45551
LSP 120Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy I34331
CSC 347Concepts Of Programming Languages11111
CSC 355Database Systems33241
ANT 105Anthropology Through Film55451
PSY 353Abnormal Psychology45341
PSC 260Law And The Political System52551
PSC 140Introduction To International Relations32321
CSC 374Computer Systems II11121
GEO 233Comparative Urbanism33121
CRIM 101Introduction To The Criminal Legal System54341
CSC 243Python For Programmers43341
JOUR 275Introduction To Journalism44231
CMN 104Public Speaking43451
MAT 262Linear Algebra53451
CHE 134General Chemistry III11111
REL 223Literature And The Sacred55551
HC 267Workplace Law: Harassment, Discrimination And Civil Rights00000
FCH 399Independent Study00000
HLTH 250Health Care Policy In The United States00000
HON 301Honors Junior Seminar In Multiculturalism00000
ENG 359Topics In Modern British Literature00000
FIN 317Principles Of Corporate Finance For Actuaries00000
HSP 203Hospitality Leadership & Self Development00000
HSP 304Hospitality Internship II00000
FIN 350Real Estate Analysis00000
HSP 398Special Topics In Hospitality00000
HST 151India To 900 - From The Stone Age To The Golden Age00000
ENG 211Grammar And Style00000
ENG 389Topics In Comparative Literature00000
FIN 398Special Topics00000
HST 200Mexico After Independence00000
HST 219Catholic Experience II00000
GAM 230Intro To Game Production00000
HST 240History Of Chicago00000
HST 274Intelligence In 20Th Century00000
ENV 202Resources, Population, And The Environment00000
GAM 341Introduction To Level Design00000
HST 296Ancient Rome: Origins To The End Of The Republic00000
HST 338The Great War, 1914 - 191800000
GAM 376Artificial Intelligence For Computer Games00000
HST 392Public History Internship00000
ICS 200Introduction To Business00000
EE 324Reading/Language Arts In The Early Years00000
ENG 265The American Novel00000
ENV 310Environmental Soil Science00000
GD 153Lettering Workshop00000
IIT 302Advanced Mechanics Of Solids00000
HC 192How, What And Why We Eat: The Art, Science And Psychology Of...00000
FCH 316Francophone Literature Of Africa And The Caribbean00000
HLTH 202Health Research Literacy00000
ENG 349Topics In 19Th-Century British Literature00000
HON 205Interdisciplinary Arts00000
FIN 300Foundations Of Finance00000
ENG 205Literature To 170000000
HSP 250Career Management For Hospitality Professionals00000
FIN 333Financial Statements Analysis00000
HSP 343Casino Management00000
ENG 376Creative Writing And Social Engagement00000
FIN 381Behavioral Finance00000
HST 181United States To 180000000
ECT 310Internet Application Development00000
HST 211The Art Of Crusading00000
GAM 224Game Design For Non-Majors00000
ENV 151Introduction To Sustainability00000
HST 268Ireland, 1800-Present00000
GAM 250Game Sound Design I00000
HST 281Ideas Of Nature In Us History00000
ENG 221Reading Prose00000
HST 322Topics In Asian History00000
GAM 365Advanced Game Design00000
ENV 240Introduction To Horticulture00000
ICE 324Chemical Reaction Engineering00000
GD 110Web Design00000
ICS 395Management Strategy00000
ECO 340Development Of Economic Thought00000
GD 220History Of Design I00000
IIT 318Introduction To Computer Networks00000
IIT 364Probability And Statistics For Electrical And Computer Engin...00000
ILL 206History Of Comics00000
ENV 361Research In Environmental Science00000
GEO 101Environmental Geography00000
IN 249New York: An Historical Overview00000
IN 368Learning History At The Museum00000
ENG 281Literary Classics00000
EXP 250Hardware Design Basics Workshop00000
GEO 206Boundaries And Identities00000