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Depaul Course Reviews

DePaul University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSC 361Optimized C++51553
CHE 134General Chemistry III221.51.52
CMN 101Introduction To Human Communication443.542
CMN 103Intercultural Communication4.543.542
ENG 201Introduction To Creative Writing4.54432
HSP 100Introduction To Hospitality55442
PSC 120The American Political System3.53.53.522
PSC 260Law And The Political System4.53.5432
WRD 104Composition And Rhetoric II44.532.52
CSC 373Computer Systems I42542
CRIM 101Introduction To The Criminal Legal System54.544.52
LSP 110Discover Chicago44.53.542
JOUR 275Introduction To Journalism44231
FCH 104Intermediate French I45551
PSC 261First Amendment Rights52551
REL 223Literature And The Sacred55551
MAT 262Linear Algebra53451
PSY 353Abnormal Psychology45341
PSC 140Introduction To International Relations32321
MAT 100Introduction To Quantitative Reasoning44341
PHL 233Issues In Sex And Gender35211
HST 252The Age Of The Cold War: 1945-199155541
CSC 374Computer Systems II11121
GEO 233Comparative Urbanism33121
CSC 355Database Systems33241
CSC 347Concepts Of Programming Languages11111
CMN 104Public Speaking43451
CSC 241Introduction To Computer Science I52551
ART 225Beginning Photography53531
PSC 230Classical Political Thought53551
PSY 106Introductory Psychology II54441
CSC 243Python For Programmers43341
ANT 105Anthropology Through Film55451
LSP 120Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy I34331
HST 113The World, 1900-Present33321
ECO 321Law & Economics00000
ACT 290Acting And Performance00000
ECO 340Development Of Economic Thought00000
ECO 395Capstone Seminar In Economics00000
ACC 308Advanced Financial Accounting00000
ACT 301Modern Dance00000
EDU 115Critical Thinking And Learning Strategies00000
EE 330Urban Education Residency00000
ACT 380Advanced Acting And Performance00000
EE 347Children's Literature00000
EE 356Assessment In The Elementary Classrooms00000
ABD 209Race And Racism00000
ACC 350Information For Decision Making00000
AI 108International Relations: Weapons, Wars And A World In Turmoi...00000
ENG 209Topics In Writing00000
ENG 220Reading Poetry00000
AI 153The Art Of Speechmaking00000
ENG 250Great Writers00000
ENG 280The Epic00000
ACC 372Auditing I00000
AI 172Making Poems: An Introduction To Verse00000
ENG 290The Craft Of Creative Nonfiction Writing00000
ECO 318Labor Economics And Organization00000
ACT 250American Funny: Stage Comedy From Groucho Marx To Tina Fey00000
ECO 326Health Economics00000
ACC 305Financial Reporting II00000
ECO 360Economics Of Low-Income Countries00000
ACT 300Voice And Diction: For Broadcast And Communication00000
ECT 250Internet, Commerce, And Society00000
ABD 100Introduction To African And Black Diaspora Studies00000
EE 317Physical Education And Classroom Management In The Elementar...00000
ACT 302Modern Dance II00000
EE 334Elementary Science Inquiry Teaching Strategies00000
ACC 309Financial Reporting II For Finance Honors Students00000
AI 107Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation00000
ENG 308Advanced Poetry Writing00000
ENG 206Literature From 1700 To 190000000
AAS 243Buddhist Thought In Cultural Context00000
ENG 218Reading And Writing Fiction00000
AI 152Exploring The Art Museum00000
ENG 228Introducing Shakespeare00000
ACC 370Professional Responsibilities & Business Law00000
ENG 271African American Literature00000
AI 170Creativity And Entrepreneurship00000
ENG 284The Bible As Literature00000
ABD 233Survey Of African Diasporic Intellectual Thought00000
ENG 300Composition And Style00000
AI 176Creative Writing00000
ACC 374Auditing II00000
ENG 311Chaucer00000
AI 181Creating Original Digital Art00000
ENG 320English Renaissance Literature00000
ENG 339Topics In Restoration And 18Th Century British Literature00000
AI 185The Beatles And The Creative Process00000
ENG 342Major Authors 1800-190000000
ENG 351Postcolonial Literature00000
AAS 222Religion And Political Conflict: South Asia00000
AAS 251South Asia To C. 900 C.E.: The Stone Age To The Golden Age00000
ABD 251World Refugee Crisis00000
ACC 380Tax Treatment Of Individuals And Property00000
AI 201Dying And Death: Facing Mortality, Celebrating Life00000
ENG 359Topics In Modern British Literature00000
ENG 369Topics In American Literature00000
AI 207The Literature Of Incarceration00000
ENG 373Multiethnic Literature Of The U.S.00000