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Depaul Course Reviews

DePaul University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSC 241Introduction To Computer Science I434.353
CSC 361Optimized C++51553
CRIM 101Introduction To The Criminal Legal System54.544.52
PSC 260Law And The Political System4.53.5432
CHE 134General Chemistry III221.51.52
ENG 201Introduction To Creative Writing4.54432
WRD 104Composition And Rhetoric II44.532.52
JOUR 275Introduction To Journalism4.5433.52
CMN 103Intercultural Communication4.543.542
HSP 100Introduction To Hospitality55442
PSC 120The American Political System3.53.53.522
CSC 373Computer Systems I42542
LSP 110Discover Chicago44.53.542
CMN 101Introduction To Human Communication443.542
PSC 261First Amendment Rights52551
ART 225Beginning Photography53531
LSP 120Quantitative Reasoning & Technological Literacy I34331
PHL 233Issues In Sex And Gender35211
CSC 347Concepts Of Programming Languages11111
PSC 140Introduction To International Relations32321
MAT 152Calculus III52551
MAT 140Discrete Mathematics I44451
SPN 104Intermediate Spanish I44351
CMN 104Public Speaking43451
HST 171Europe, 400-140053531
PSC 230Classical Political Thought53551
CSC 243Python For Programmers43341
MAT 151Calculus II52551
FCH 104Intermediate French I45551
ART 218Figure Drawing55551
PSY 353Abnormal Psychology45341
HON 104Religious Worldviews And Ethical Perspectives43311
HON 102History In Global Contexts43421
PSY 106Introductory Psychology II54441
HST 113The World, 1900-Present33321
HON 100Rhetoric And Critical Inquiry45351
CSC 300Data Structures I31331
CSC 374Computer Systems II11121
REL 223Literature And The Sacred55551
CSC 355Database Systems33241
CSC 242Introduction To Computer Science II32441
MAT 100Introduction To Quantitative Reasoning44341
ANT 105Anthropology Through Film55451
GEO 233Comparative Urbanism33121
MAT 262Linear Algebra53451
HST 252The Age Of The Cold War: 1945-199155541
CHN 397Special Topics In Chinese00000
ART 224Beginning Digital Photography00000
CMN 398Study Abroad00000
CMNS 323Social Movements00000
ANT 362Global History Of Health00000
ART 325Advanced Photography Projects00000
CNS 340Fundamentals Of Information Assurance00000
CPL 210Great Ideas,The Individual And Society I00000
ASL 104Intermediate American Sign Language I00000
CSC 200Survey Of Computing00000
CSC 324Data Analysis & Statistical Software II00000
CHN 101Basic Chinese I00000
ART 205Color Theory And Application00000
AI 108International Relations: Weapons, Wars And A World In Turmoi...00000
APB 170Trumpet00000
BADM 340Implementing Corporate Training Programs00000
CSC 372Mobile Application Development For Android00000
ANT 202Archaeological Field Methods00000
CMNS 307Topics In Political And Social Communication00000
ART 310Advanced Painting I00000
CMNS 343Work/Family Communication00000
ACT 301Modern Dance00000
CNS 397Topics In Computer, Information And Network Security00000
ART 394Professional Practice In The Studio00000
CRIM 202Criminal Law And Procedure00000
ANT 396Senior Capstone Seminar00000
BADM 223Accounting And Finance Principles00000
CSC 352Database Programming00000
ABD 380Topics In African American Studies00000
CSC 379Technology Partnerships In Urban Schools00000
BBE 316Sociocultural And Historical Perspectives In Bilingual Educa...00000
CSS 201Critical Community Engagement00000
CSS 395Community Internship00000
APM 124English Diction00000
BIO 115Introduction To Biology00000
CTH 213The New Testament00000
CTH 238Ancient Philosophy00000
BIO 191General Biology I For Science Majors00000
CTH 247Roman Catholic Social Thought In Context00000
CTH 288Ireland, 1450-1800, Conquest, Colonization & Rebellion00000
ANI 220Storyboarding And Narrative Development00000
APM 225Italian Diction II00000
BIO 210Microbiology00000
DA 233Applied Information Management Systems00000
DC 110Foundations Of Cinema For Majors00000
BIO 311Histology00000
DC 205Foundations Of Cinema For Non-Majors00000
DC 221Film Structure For Majors00000
APM 337Alexander Technique00000
BIO 380Cancer Biology00000
DC 227Film Philosophy00000
DC 270Topics In Digital Cinema00000
BIO 390Special Topics00000
DC 298Internship In Media Production/Post-Production00000