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CWRU Course Reviews

Case Western Reserve University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COGS 102Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience43441
CHEM 223Introductory Organic Chemistry I42451
PHED 332Introduction to Sports Medicine55551
ACCT 314Attestation and Assurance Services54551
ANTH 103Introduction to Human Evolution44431
EMAE 251Thermodynamics53551
COGS 101Introduction to Cognitive Science54431
EMSE 120Transitioning Ideas to Reality II - Manufacturing Laboratory55541
BIOL 215Cells and Proteins32341
EMAE 181Dynamics31541
EECS 321Semiconductor Electronic Devices52551
BIOL 315Quantitative Biology Laboratory54451
EECS 132Introduction to Programming in Java51551
BAFI 355Corporate Finance43451
ARTH 360Renaissance Art in Northern Europe00000
ANTH 303Interdisciplinary Solutions to Global Health Issues00000
ARTH 397Contemporary Art in East Asia00000
ARTH 468Doors Wide Shut: The Private Art Collection from Raphael to...00000
ANAT 503Readings and Discussions00000
ANTH 328Medical Anthropology and Public Health00000
ARTH 492Issues in 20th/21st Century Art00000
ARTH 545Seminar in Medieval Art00000
ANTH 360Global Politics of Fertility, Family Planning, and Populatio...00000
ARTS 206Creative Drawing II00000
ARTS 314Ceramics II00000
ACCT 701Dissertation Ph.D.00000
ANEE 344Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranean00000
ANTH 382Anthropological and Ecological Perspectives on Preserving an...00000
ARTS 365BDesign and Color00000
ARTH 329Marvels of Rome: Monuments and Their Decoration in the Roman...00000
ANTH 107Archaeology: An Introduction00000
ARTH 386Issues in American Art00000
ANAT 445Mammal Diversity and Evolution00000
ARTH 449Gothic Art: Vision and Matter00000
ANTH 310Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology00000
ARTH 490AVisual Arts and Museums I00000
ACCT 444Advanced Auditing Theory and Practice00000
ARTH 495Methodologies of Art History00000
ANTH 339Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Methods00000
ARTH 610AAdvanced Visual Arts and Museums: Internship I00000
ANAT 611Practicum in Human Gross Anatomy00000
ARTS 300Current Issues in Art Education00000
ANTH 372Anthropological Approaches to Religion00000
ARTS 325Creative Photography00000
ARTS 365DB&W; Photography Studio00000
ARTS 386Clinical/Field Based Experience II00000
ANTH 402Darwinian Medicine00000
ARTS 400Current Issues in Art Education00000
ARTS 466AStudent Teaching in Art: Pre-K - 6th Grade00000
AKKD 205Readings from the Epic of Gilgamesh00000
ANES 463Anesthesia Clinical Experience I00000
ANTH 465Gender and Sex Differences: Cross-cultural Perspective00000
ANTH 467Topics in Evolutionary Biology00000
ANES 467Anesthesia Clinical Experience III00000
ANTH 472Anthropological Approaches to Religion00000
ANTH 477Human Osteology00000
ACCT 401HAccounting for Healthcare00000
AKKD 495Advanced Topics in Akkadian Literature00000
ANES 471Anesthesia Clinical Experience V00000
ANTH 480Medical Anthropology and Global Health I00000
ARTH 280Modern Art and Modern Science00000
ANES 599Clinical Remediation00000
ARTH 353Sixteenth Century Italian Art00000
ANAT 413General Histology Laboratory00000
ARTH 374Impressionism to Symbolism00000
ANTH 233Introduction to Jewish Folklore00000
ARTH 394Departmental Seminar00000
ACCT 407Analytics and Control00000
ARTH 402Buddhist Art in Asia00000
ANTH 306The Anthropology of Childhood and the Family00000
ARTH 456Medieval Matters: The Monstrous, the Macabre, the Miraculous00000
ANAT 475Human Evolution: The Fossil Evidence00000
ARTH 486Issues in American Art00000
ANTH 319Introduction to Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences00000
ARTH 491AVisual Arts and Museums: Internship00000
ACCT 302Selected Topics in Financial Accounting00000
ARTH 494BAncient Art00000
ANTH 335Illegal Drugs and Society00000
ARTH 497Contemporary Art in East Asia00000
ANAT 523Histopathology of Organ Systems00000
ARTH 565Seminar in American Art00000
ANTH 353Chinese Culture and Society00000
ARTS 101Design and Color I00000
ACCT 520Advanced Accounting Theory00000
ARTS 214Ceramics I00000
ANTH 366Population Change: Problems and Solutions00000
ARTS 304Architecture and City Design III00000
ANEE 107Introduction to the Ancient Near East and Egypt00000
ARTS 322Digital Photography I00000
ANTH 379Topics in Cultural and Social Anthropology00000
ACCT 102Management Accounting00000
ARTS 366BStudent Teaching in Art: 7th - 12th Grade00000
ANTH 396Undergraduate Research in Evolutionary Biology00000
ARTS 393Art Content, Pedagogy, Methodology, and Assessment00000
ANES 456Applied Physiology for Anesthesiologist Assistants I00000
ANTH 481Medical Anthropology and Global Health II00000
ANES 476Pharmacology for Anesthesiologist Assistants II00000
ANTH 482Anthropological and Ecological Perspectives on Preserving an...00000
ANTH 511Seminar in Anthropology and Global Health: Topics00000
ANAT 375Human Evolution: The Fossil Evidence00000