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CWRU Course Reviews

Case Western Reserve University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ANTH 103Introduction to Human Evolution44431
EECS 132Introduction to Programming in Java51551
EECS 321Semiconductor Electronic Devices52551
BAFI 355Corporate Finance43451
EMAE 181Dynamics31541
CHEM 223Introductory Organic Chemistry I42451
BIOL 215Cells and Proteins32341
COGS 102Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience43441
BIOL 315Quantitative Biology Laboratory54451
ACCT 314Attestation and Assurance Services54551
EMSE 120Transitioning Ideas to Reality II - Manufacturing Laboratory55541
PHED 332Introduction to Sports Medicine55551
EMAE 251Thermodynamics53551
COGS 101Introduction to Cognitive Science54431
BAFI 434Financial Analytics and Banking00000
ARTH 393Contemporary Art: Critical Directions00000
BETH 315BInternational Bioethics Policy and Practice: Public Health i...00000
BETH 415International Bioethics: Policy and Practice00000
ANTH 371Culture, Behavior, and Person: Psychological Anthropology00000
ARTH 486Issues in American Art00000
BETH 503Research Ethics and Regulation00000
BIOC 408Molecular Biology00000
ARTH 496Materials, Methods, and Physical Examination of Works of Art00000
BIOC 502CBiotechnology Laboratory: Mass Spectrometry Techniques00000
BIOL 214Genes, Evolution and Ecology00000
ANES 441Patient Monitoring and Instrumentation II00000
ANTH 439Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Methods00000
ARTS 206Creative Drawing II00000
BIOL 304Fitting Models to Data: Maximum Likelihood Methods and Model...00000
BAFI 365Options and Other Derivatives00000
ARTH 360Renaissance Art in Northern Europe00000
BETH 210Perspectives on Health: Introduction to Medical Humanities a...00000
ANTH 302Darwinian Medicine00000
BETH 403Mental Illness and Bioethics in Film and Literature00000
ARTH 429Marvels of Rome: Monuments and Their Decoration in the Roman...00000
BETH 415GDeath, Dying & Euthanasia: Netherlands & the USA00000
ANAT 610Oxygen and Physiological Function00000
BIOC 334Structural Biology00000
ARTH 493Contemporary Art: Critical Directions00000
BIOC 454Biochemistry and Biology of RNA00000
ANTH 402Darwinian Medicine00000
BIOC 641Proposition I00000
ARTH 570Seminar: 19th Century Art00000
BIOL 223Vertebrate Biology00000
ACCT 431Tax Practice: Analysis, Planning and Communications00000
BIOL 311CSurvey of Bioinformatics: Translational Bioinformatics00000
ARTS 302Architecture and City Design I00000
BIOL 318Introductory Entomology00000
BIOL 322Sensory Biology00000
ANES 469Anesthesia Clinical Experience IV00000
ANTH 467Topics in Evolutionary Biology00000
ARTS 322Digital Photography I00000
ARTS 365DB&W; Photography Studio00000
ANTH 477Human Osteology00000
ARTS 366BStudent Teaching in Art: 7th - 12th Grade00000
ARTS 393Art Content, Pedagogy, Methodology, and Assessment00000
ACCT 520Advanced Accounting Theory00000
ANES 478Clinical Decision Making in Anesthesia II00000
ANTH 480BMedical Anthropology and Global Health I Recitation00000
ARTS 465Seminar for Art Teachers00000
ARTH 336Representations of War in Ancient Rome00000
BAFI 428Financial Strategy and Value Creation00000
ANTH 215Health, Culture, and Disease: An Introduction to Medical Ant...00000
BAFI 460Investment Strategies00000
ARTH 382Art, Eco-criticism, and the Environment00000
BETH 315FBioethics Themes as Expressed in Spanish and American Cultur...00000
ANAT 503Readings and Discussions00000
BETH 371CAdvanced Bioethics: Clinical Observation00000
ARTH 397Contemporary Art in East Asia00000
BETH 411Narrative Medicine: Methodology in patient-centered medical...00000
ANTH 360Global Politics of Fertility, Family Planning, and Populatio...00000
BETH 415AInternational Bioethics Policy and Practice: Women's Health...00000
ARTH 462Issues in Early Modern Southern European Art00000
BETH 421Research Ethics Practicum00000
ACCT 404Advanced Financial Reporting00000
BIOC 307Introduction to Biochemistry: From Molecules To Medical Scie...00000
ARTH 490AVisual Arts and Museums I00000
BIOC 391Research Project00000
ANTH 391Honors Tutorial00000
BIOC 432Current Topics in Vision Research00000
ARTH 494BAncient Art00000
BIOC 501Biochemical and Cellular Techniques for Biotechnology00000
ANEE 320Gods and Demons in the Ancient Near East and Egypt00000
BIOC 601Biochemical Research00000
ARTH 545Seminar in Medieval Art00000
BIOL 114Principles of Biology00000
ANTH 412Ethnography of Southeast Asia00000
ARTH 701Dissertation Ph.D.00000
BIOL 301Biotechnology Laboratory: Genes and Genetic Engineering00000
ACCT 306Accounting Information Systems - Basic00000
BIOL 308Molecular Biology00000
ARTS 216Painting I00000
ANTH 459Introduction to Global Health00000
ARTS 602Study in Art Education00000
ANTH 599Tutorial: Advanced Studies in Anthropology00000
ASIA 320Chinese Popular Culture00000
ASTR 201The Sun and its Planets00000
ANES 488Anesthesia Non-Technical Skills Lab00000
ARAB 102Beginning Arabic II00000
ASTR 309Astrophysics Seminar I00000