BYU Course Reviews

Brigham Young University

CS 235Data Structures43451
CHEM 111Principles of Chemistry 131331
SFL 210Human Development53551
IS 413Enterprise Application Devel42451
MEEN 101Static Systems in Me En53451
MEEN 362Engineering Measurements12231
MEEN 272Engineering Graphics41451
SOC 111Introductory Sociology13111
RELA 122The Book of Mormon54551
MEEN 321Thermodynamics43331
ARTHC 492RSpecial Art History Studies On Site00000
ARTHC 330Southern Baroque Art00000
ANTHR 432Economic&Political Institutns00000
AMST 304Methods and Writing Practices00000
ASL 202Second-Year ASL 200000
ANTHR 530Great Basin Archaeology00000
BIO 270Animal Restraint00000
BIO 503Research Orientation00000
ANTHR 694RReadings00000
CANT 201Second-Year Cantonese00000
CEEN 201Sustainable Infrastructure00000
ACC 568Taxation of Foreign Income00000
ANES 495Senior Seminar in Ancient Near Eastern Studies00000
ARAB 361Modern Arab Lit in Translation00000
CEEN 400ACivil & Environmntl Engr Sem00000
CEEN 471Civil Engineering Practice00000
ARTHC 300Theory & Methodology00000
ANTHR 406Archaeoinformatics00000
ARTHC 353American Art 1876-195000000
AEROS 300Leadership Laboratory--Juniors.00000
ARTHC 530RStudies in Medieval Art00000
ANTHR 500History of Archaeology00000
BIO 100Principles of Biology00000
ACC 560Special Probs in Federal Tax00000
BIO 399RAcademic Internship00000
ANTHR 599RAcademic Internship00000
BIO 541Aquatic Entomology00000
ANES 363Hebrew Bible Studies00000
CEEN 114Geomatics00000
ARAB 2012nd-Year Arabic00000
CEEN 304Metals, Woods, & Composites00000
ACC 409Integrated Topics00000
CEEN 431Hydrology00000
ARAB 425RClassical Arabic Texts00000
ACC 591RReadings & Conference00000
CEEN 495RGlobal Projects00000
ANTHR 110Intro to Archaeology00000
ARAB 699RMaster's Thesis00000
ART 102Intro 2D Color and Composition00000
ANTHR 150Introduction to the Major00000
ART 210New Genre Interdisciplinary00000
ART 260Photo Fundamentals00000
ACC 503Adv Financial Accounting00000
AEROS 101Ldrshp Lab Frosh00000
ANTHR 207Ancient Technology00000
ART 321Drawing00000
ART 327Painting00000
ARTHC 203Asian Art Survey00000
ANTHR 377Arch of Roman Civilization00000
ARTHC 316Art of the Medieval West00000
AEROS 210The Developmental Growth of Air Power00000
ARTHC 345American Art to 187600000
ANTHR 414Museum Projects00000
ARTHC 380Northern Mesoamerican Art00000
ACC 542Fair Value and Measurement00000
ARTHC 498Senior Thesis/Capstone Exper00000
ANTHR 439Psychological Anthropology00000
ARTHC 560RSts 18/19 Cent Art00000
AEROS 310Management and Leadership00000
ASL 311Adv. Conversation00000
ANTHR 522Museum Practices & Technlgs00000
BIO 230Biological Diversity: Plants00000
ACC 406Financial Statement Auditing00000
BIO 316Scientific Communication00000
ANTHR 543Ethnographic Data Analysis00000
BIO 465Capstone in Bioinformatics00000
ANES 332Readings in Classical Near Eastern Texts00000
BIO 520Symbiosis00000
ANTHR 602Quantitative Methods00000
BIO 557Stream & Wetland Ecology00000
ACC 563Taxation of Partnerships00000
CEEN 101Intro to Civil Engineering00000
ARAB 100RIntro to Arabic00000
CEEN 200ACivil & Environmntl Engr Sem00000
ANES 392RTopics in Ancient Near Eastern Studies00000
CEEN 300ACivil & Environmntl Engr Sem00000
ARAB 300Advanced Modern Standard Arabic00000
CEEN 332Hydraulics & Fluid Flow Theory00000
ACC 310Principles of Acctg 200000
CEEN 414Engineering Applications of GIS00000
ARAB 422RAdvanced Spoken Arabic00000
CEEN 442Foundation Engineering00000
ANTHR 103Archaeology Field Trip00000
ANTHR 301Human Osteology00000
ART 350Advanced Printmaking: Intaglio, Relief & Monotype00000
ART 356RFigure Sculpture00000
AEROS 143RPhysical Training-AF ROTC00000
ANTHR 311Museums & Cultures00000
ART 680RStudio Methodologies00000
ARTED 397Issues in Contemporary Art00000